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Posted 24 August 2009 - 07:24 PM

Both instore and online consists of new and used games.

Prices should be both the same, they can be checked here

Notable mentions:

Banjo Nuts & Bots £7.98
Mirror's Edge £7.98
Viva Pinata TIP £7.98
Condemned 2 £7.98
Prince Of Persia £9.98
Dead Space £12.98
Oblivion Game of the Year Edition £14.98

And LOADS more (too lazy to post).

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Posted 24 August 2009 - 07:54 PM

For the PlayStation 3: :ps3:
Mirrors Edge - £14.98
Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - £14.98
Saints Row 2 - £14.98
Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition - £19.98
LEGO Indiana Jones - £19.98

Hope this helps :)
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Posted 25 August 2009 - 12:29 AM

When the likes of GAME hold a sale the tagline may as well be "Yeah we've dropped some prices, but everything is still cheaper everywhere else!"
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Posted 25 August 2009 - 02:32 AM

They're clearly trying to flog all their pre-owned games for the 360. To be honest, I'd rather just buy off Ebay and not into their grubby little hands.

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Posted 25 August 2009 - 05:09 PM

I hate paying the big chain shops money to.

biggest shops and dearest prices