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DRAGON AGE ORIGINS Xb360,PS3 $49.99 PC $39.99 at GS.com, and in stores.

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Posted 16 November 2009 - 11:07 PM

The PS3 version is supposed to be largely superior to the Xbox 360 version (graphically and framerate wise), although the PC version is superior to both.

Yeah, I read all of that too. I don't know, I just prefer the 360. I can guarantee that if I had Batman for the 360, I would have played it more. I am an achievement whore, but at the same time I don't care about them?

I just like to know I am adding to them if I can. Plus I love the 360 controller. I have played a copy of the PC version and yes it is 10x better than the 360 one, but oh well.