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Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga $12.99 at Amazon [back to $20]

#1 wildnuts02   2 Real 4 U CAGiversary!   2212 Posts   Joined 11.9 Years Ago  

Posted 01 December 2009 - 09:58 AM

This is for all 3 systems:


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#2 coolsteel   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   5454 Posts   Joined 13.6 Years Ago  

Posted 01 December 2009 - 10:14 AM

Figure I was just thinking of buying this the other day, one more order for Amazon

#3 Sofa King Cheap   Sofa King Cheap CAGiversary!   1928 Posts   Joined 13.7 Years Ago  

Sofa King Cheap

Posted 01 December 2009 - 11:10 AM

This is for all 3 systems:


DS version is also at $12.98.
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#4 Richard Longfellow   Mr. Warmth CAGiversary!   1398 Posts   Joined 10.6 Years Ago  

Richard Longfellow

Posted 01 December 2009 - 04:57 PM

Well that was a short deal.
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#5 Mr Dude65   CAG Uber-Veteran CAGiversary!   3160 Posts   Joined 8.2 Years Ago  

Posted 01 December 2009 - 05:02 PM

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#6 hypertails02   Wait for it... CAGiversary!   712 Posts   Joined 9.7 Years Ago  


Posted 01 December 2009 - 06:59 PM

Um...deal is dead. Too bad.
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#7 basis   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   778 Posts   Joined 8.6 Years Ago  

Posted 01 December 2009 - 10:58 PM

yeh it died fast :( was hoping to get a copy as an x'mas gift.

was this on sale as well during the pre-BF week sale? i cannot recall.