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Free 360,PS3, and Wii games Gamers Paradise**

#1 ghbabe  


Posted 05 December 2009 - 04:18 AM

I know you have run across plenty of sites: prize rebel. swagbucks and Lockerz of course. I have found the easiest and funnest site and is like a gamers paradise. I stumbled upon this site almost 3 months ago in desperation of a guitar hero. Once I earned enough for guitar hero the points racked up. You dont have to do silly offers all the time. If you pwn at games, you can wager your points in games and win and earn that way. There are not waiting for silly restocks, everything is ready to go and sold by AMAZON

1.just sign up: http://www.points2sh...f=uin1249948281
2.confirm email for bonus of sign up completion points
3.Go to the games section and get paid for playing games.

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