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Posted 29 December 2009 - 10:18 PM

I wasn't sure where else to stick this topic, other than here.

This site is a shopping site to find frequent deals and to get answers to all your questions you have about certain items you are thinking about purchasing, from real people - known as guides.

You can also participate in the answering yourself if you're particularly good in certain areas and earn $2.00 per best answer if it has the money symbol next to the question. Once you reach $40.00, you are able to cash out.

Also, if you're reliable and proficient with your answers and answer at least 25 questions - you will be asked to become a paying guide.

If you are asked, you will start off by earning .35 cents per answer if no other guide has gotten to it first. If you get positive feedback from the person who asked the question, then you get another .65 on top of that. Then, if they decide to make your answer the best answer, you get $2.00! Your cash-out requirement also gets lowered to $20.00.

The community manager does frequent contests for creating; questions, polls, posts on forums and blogs - ranging from $1-10.00 dollars each. SO, it's very easy to accumulate money from this site.

You can sign up using my invite link, or the regular home page - if you wish.