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What Happend 2 that UR Man FROM Japan kid? Anyone make Contact w/DUDE?

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Sean Price

Posted 16 January 2010 - 06:17 AM

Greetings Comrads/Tomadochi's!!

anyone know what I'm talkin about?

There was this cat on this web page that would post mad noise about living in Japan....he even had these auction type of sales on here too, something along the lines of LOW BALL sales or some such ish.. He also had a blog, talkin bout how some Japanse chick screwed him and he has to pay all her bills for like 90 years or till she passes on to the next level, whichever came 1st, but now he's married to another japanese chick(d*m he must be a TRUE player, right?) and EVEN had a baby or two with his new lady friend.. hope that rings a bell here..

Anways I have sent dude like SEVERAL PM's and sent him msg's via his blogs trying to make contact with him.. I need to talk to him regarding some items I purchased from him...

Long Story short.. I leave for TOKYO, JAPAN tomorrow and I was hoping to meet up with dude...

Catch him at his crib and whatnot, I'm not sherlock Holmes by any means.. but I do admit MAJOR curiosity, it would be interesting to see if the math ADDS up.. i.e. see his actual lifestyle in relation to his "story"..

oh yeah, also would be cooL to CHILL with a fellow cheap a$$ muthaF'N gamer in real life. .on the other side of the world..

AND if anyone has any dope places to scope out and things to do in TOKYO, Japan, feel free to let me know whats up!!

open to any ideas, tips and suggestions!!, AFTERALL< I'm gonna be out here for 2 GLORIOUS WEEKS!!

NO sightseeing plans or anything crazy like.. just plan on FREESTYLIN the wholoe trip there.. takin it day by day!!

so yeah, let me know whats up party people..

peace and I'm OUT!!