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2010 tax returns... who is getting one?

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Lord Draconus777

Posted 01 February 2010 - 03:24 AM

So, it's that time of year everyone usually loves and hates. Sure, hardly anyone can say they like setting up appointments or doing their own taxes for the year, but we all like knowing that we'll probably be getting a nice check shortly after taxes are filed... or do we?

So, this brings me to the main topic. How big of a return can I expect? I'm a poor college student, I make roughly $11,500-$12,500 stocking groceries. Every year, I usually would get back in the $350 range from federal taxes, and usually $70 from state. Now, as far as I know, state should be relatively unaffected, but am I to expect much of anything from federal? I know that Obama has eliminated most Bush tax cuts, and has programs of his own.

My friend works a retail job while going to school, and she makes roughly $10,000 a year herself. She just did her taxes, and she ended up owing the IRS $10 for her federal taxes.

So basically, I'm getting the idea that the flat screen T.V. I wanted isn't coming as quickly as I thought grrr....

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Posted 01 February 2010 - 03:26 AM