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Final Fantasy XIII Xbox 360 Avatar Awards from the Console Bundle

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Posted 11 March 2010 - 12:25 AM

To give CAGs a heads up, I'm selling the codes for avatar items from my new FFXIII 360 bundle:


I'm selling them separately.

There's one for an outfit that makes you look like Yaag Rorsch:


One that makes you look like Jihl (need to be a female avatar, I assume):


And one that gives you a chocobo pet:


The outfits are surprisingly detailed-looking. If they made this for Cloud or Aeris, they'd sell like hotcakes. Maybe these characters will gain popularity of their own...Rorsch does seem like a cool character design, so I can definitely see the interest in getting these. I'd just rather have the money right now.

I'm also selling a faceplate, but it's gone past what I think anyone on here would pay. I've been bidding on some other faceplates that have been somewhat overlooked just cuz it feels weird to sell mine for one price and ignore one for half that when I could buy and resell it.

Since I'm not sure I really wanna bother with that, you guys might benefit more from checking eBay for these things instead of ordering your faceplate from BestBuy.com, as many CAGs seem to be.