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Future of gaming

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Posted 27 March 2010 - 08:33 AM

So I work at a movie theater and the new trend is 3d movies. I feel this is a gimmick, granted a successful gimmick, but non the less a trend a fad something that will not last. I start with this because all the talk of 3d movies and gaming is very similar to all the talk about Motion control. I have to say that I agree with everything that has been said up to the first halve of episode 192 so far, being that this is as far as i have gotten this week on the podcast. The problem is that motion control is a gimmick.

Don't get me wrong I have had a blast playing wii bowling and what not but I dont feel its really the future of gaming. I am not completely out of shape or anything but there are times I want to run around and wave my arms like a maniac and there are times I want to sit in my video game chair and kill some brain cells for a couple of hours playing some video game. I dont buy into the concept of using the the controller for anything besides casual games or party games.

Plus the fact that Ps3 and Xbox think they could put any dent or fear into the wii gaming market is laughable. Wii is what it is because its cheap, its easy, and anyone can do it. I remember when the wii came out and "hardcore" gamers laughed about it. But who would have ever thought they would have been beat at Mario kart by their 9 year old younger sister. Or that they would have ever seen their grandparents playing a video game? Seriously Wii has done something no other system has ever done and that is make a truly family sustem. Now Ps and xbox see this market and want a chunk, can anyone say been there done that.

What I have seen come out does not interest me even a little. Motion control is something that works great when cheap, but what Ps3 and Xbox are suggesting are not cheap and does not sound interesting. it would draw new clients their only real hope is that it causes existing customers to spend the ludicrous amounts of extra money on already expensive peripherals. This is the similar problem we are going to run into with the introduction of 3d tvs. But maybe that is just my opinion.