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I Wonder Why He Doesn't Talk Much? (Halo ODST)

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Posted 04 April 2010 - 05:37 PM

Hello! Well after many months I have enough time to write and rate and make run-on sentences!

Let's start this off with story time!

Once upon a time, in a land called Northern Michigan, a fat kid was playing Fable II when his Xbox 360 decided to go *erk!* and die. After much swearing, cursing, and beating on the machine, he assessed what the problem was. His hard-drive failed and the tray was going funky on him. Fast forward to 3 months later and $316 later, he has a sleek new Xbox elite. With this he got one game he wanted and one he was kinda going "eh..." to (Halo ODST was the "eh..." one, Forza Motorsports 3 was the "Yay!" one). So after a night of no sleep, Monster, and a day of work, he is back to say...

Story: So your the rookie of an ODST (orbital drop shock trooper) squad. You drop into New Mombasa and you are in the heart of the action...not really. You just mingle about the ruined city with sad music playing. But moving forward! The team is split up and it is Rookie's job to get the team back together. As you progress, you play as each member of the team. The story follows the same Halo "Down Home Confusing as Shit" plot-line. Twists that the writers thought were SOOO suprising, but had you going "what?". It's like you are supposed to be in the dark the whole damn time. I don't know why they don't just fucking tell you what's going on through voice acting or a recap of the games or something along those lines.

Rating: 7/10

Audio/Visuals: Actually good here. Now-a-days if you throw in some extra bucks, a dog turd will make people oh and ah, guys actually did a good job. The team looks cool, the animations for the Rookie when he is in the beautifully rendered rundown, pillaged, and burning city looks just as good as the environment he is in.

The voice acting is the Halo standard. Good enough to make you laugh at points, even notice some references to other Halo games. Not as bad as it could be.

Rating: 8/10

Game play: Something new to the Halo series is some innovate stuff. The VISOR system is pretty good. It's like night vision but it also identifies enemies, beacons, and other important things. This is the best during the moments when you are the Rookie and night missions in Firefight mode.

Speaking of which, Firefight mode is a sweet new thing where they steal a page out of their life long rivals, Gears of War. Horde mode meets Halo. It really is fun. My little brother and I played for about 2 hours and got to wave 3. Serious fun here.

Rating: 9/10

Overall: 8/10

The story is wee bit too short and the game gets repetitive. But it really is a good inbetweenqual to Halo 3 and what ever else is next. Can't wait for Halo Reach!
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