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Splinter Cell: Conviction Video Review

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Posted 21 April 2010 - 04:51 AM

Rchrd did a very nice job at reviewing the game as well, but I figured an accompanying video would be wise to post.

As I cannot post the video itself, or a link to the video, just go to GamerFill(dot)com for the full article containing the video. (And a download link)

Ubisoft's Splinter Cell: Conviction, released just over a week ago, has been getting played non-stop every night here at GamerFill.
Sam Fisher is back with a vengeance, that only you can help him achieve.
I'd pay good money to see Sam Fisher and Solid Snake in a CQC face-off, but then again, I like Solid Snake way too much to see him get hurt like that.
The Good
Adrenaline-inducing gameplay which never grows old.
Potential to be the next multiplayer-craze.
A very high attention to detail exists throughout the game.
The Bad
A rather short campaign and co-op storyline.
The Verdict
Pick this game up as soon as you get the chance.
Between the stealth kills and the markup & executions, this game really delivers in player gratification, which is anything but instant. (Especially during stealth missions)
Splinter Cell: Conviction has an incredibly refreshing feel to it, which is a big relief compared to most games that have been released in the same genre lately.
If you're aching to get away from all of the nube-tubing and blandness that has scourged some of the games released this year, then this game is definitely for you.
With multiple routes to take and multiple methods to befall your foes, this game has a very high replay value, luckily remedying the slightly-short campaigns.
Splinter Cell: Conviction is easily the game of the month, here at GamerFill.