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WOW Recruit-a-Friend US, Triple XP!

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Posted 27 April 2010 - 01:30 AM

I'm thoroughly confused about where this post belongs. I remember there being a referral forum ages ago so I figured this should be in "Referral central" but that seems to be about something else entirely, and I have no clue what "conga" is >.>

What is RAF?
Recruit-A-Friend is a fairly new referral system for World of Warcraft which provides benefits to both the referrer and the referee.
The most important benefits you will receive from RAF are:

  • I can summon you anywhere in the world.
  • You will gain triple experience both from quests and kills up to lvl 60.
  • I will run you through any dungeon as much as I can.
  • I will provide you with gold/bags/profession mats etc to get you started.
  • I will help you with any questions (especially with healing and priests).
  • I have a 3 person epic mount with vendors on it, which means your movement speed will be as fast as it would be at 30 for free, and we won't have to go to town to vendor/repair.
  • Once you hit 80, I will chain-run heroics with you until you have all the gear you need. And I will invite you or get you invited to any raids that I can.
  • I will either level a class with you that compliments the one you pick (i.e if you choose to heal I'd level a dps or tank). Or bring one of my 80s.
  • Having leveled 8 characters to 80, I will provide you with the most efficient and fastest routes if you prefer. If you want to take it slow, goof around, run some dungeons and make fun of warriors wearing mage gear, that's alright too.
  • I'll make lame attempts at jokes and try to incorporate laughter into the whole ordeal even if I'm the one being laughed at.
The official FAQ can be found at

Why are you doing this?I already have my rocket and zhevra mounts! So now the main reason I am still willing to do this is that:

I love leveling. I have 2 paladins, 3 priests, a deathknight, a shaman and a druid at 80. And various characters over lvl 70. I have leveled most of them with a leveling buddy. I have done RAF twice before, with someone who I found on these forums. So the idea of leveling a 9th character by myself is looking rather... *gouge my own eyes out*-ey.
(And I admit the triple XP is yummy)

Who the hell are you?

I'm a 23 y.o who refuses to grow up from a little corner of the world called (won't name it as I'm scared of Thanksgiving jokes). I'm an arhitecture/comp enginerring major and I spend my free time getting pierced =o That is, if I'm not playing WoW.
As previously mentioned I have several characters at max level, 2-3 of which I raid with. One of my priests is my main and I have been healing hard modes (meaning: I'm hardcore/1337/have no life) and doing other various dragon killing on her for about 4 years.

What do I need to do?

Simply, PM me your email address, or post here if you wish. I will provide you with my main's name, my contact details (MSN and email) and answer any questions you have.

Our "link" will last 90 days but it can -unofficially- last longer or shorter if you'd like. As long as you're not a huge douche nozzle and are being reasonable I'll always be there to help you out.

You do not have to commit to anything right away. You will get a 10 day long free trial where you can decide if you despise me or if I'm bearable enough to go through the whole thing with XD

Bonus question: Can my significant other/sister/dog come along?
Yes! I can't exactly provide 10 people with bags and goodies, but 1-2 will be even more fun. They will also get triple XP and the other benefits as long as they're in the group with us, so make sure they can make the same play times.
Bonus question #2: If you're already helping random stranger and his dog, what about me?
See above. First come first served, but if you can make our play times, you're welcome to tag along and leec- I mean uhm, gain 3x XP.

Anything else you want to wall-of-text you freak?
If you can sing or recite a FoTC song to me with decent accuracy I *might* donate to your "epic mount" found.

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