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Last Call on Zune 80gb! Other Stuff for Trade/Sell too!

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Posted 12 May 2010 - 08:56 AM

Hey so I have some stuff for trade/sell =]. Prefer to sell ,but if you have something I want, we can definitely work something out. About to get rid of the Zune on craigslist/ebay but I'd like to see if any CAG's want it first.

1. You make the first offer.
2. Ref rule applies for trades.

World of Warcraft 60 day Prepaid Card
World of Warcraft Cataclysm Collector's Edition Access Key
Zune 80 GB w/Black Leather Case + Synch/Charge Cable $80

:ds: DS Games

:wii: Wii Games
Pokemon Battle Revolution
Red Steel
Zelda: Twilight Princess $25
Metroid: Other M

:360: 360 Games
Assassin's Creed 2 $20

Inuyasha the Movie:Affections Touching Across Time $10

All Pokemon dvd's contain 5 episodes each. All are $7/dvd or $35 for all six.

Pokemon Advanced Volume 1
Pokemon Advanced Volume 2
Pokemon Advanced Volume 3
Pokemon Advanced Volume 4
Pokemon Advanced Volume 5
Pokemon Advanced Volume 6

Yugioh: Duel Master's Guide $3.00

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel $7.00
Megaman X8
Megaman X Command Mission $10.00


MONEY(In the form of Paypal, money order, or concealed cash at your own risk)
-Amazon Gift Cards
-Pokemon Black
-Pokemon White
-Dead Rising 2 Servbot Preorder Code. If you preorded DeadRising 2 from amazon, you have one of these
-Fallout Merchandise!No matter how obscure the item, I'm interested!Things in particular that I'd like include
-Fallout 3 360 [Case Only] w/manual
-Pipboy that came with Amazon.com's Survival Edition of Fallout 3
-NukaCola Bottle Opener(Preorder bonus from Best buy)
- Hand Puppet Given away at PAX'08
-Fan-made items!If you have a prop for an ingame item that you or someone else made, I'm interested!
-VaultBoy Bobble heads(Especially the ceramic ones!)

Fallout stuff I already have and thus DON'T want include:
-The game itself
-Fallout 3 Collector's edition(Not including the bobble heads)
-Soundtrack+Poster that came as preorder bonus

Other wants:
Alien Hominid Figurines
:360:XBL Point cards
:360: XBL Subscription cards
:360:Alan Wake
:360:Metro 2033
Bioshock 2 Posters (came with the LE edition)

and will CYL, especially for 360 games


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