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50% Off at Qlinkproducts.com till August 2, 2010

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Posted 22 July 2010 - 01:32 AM

I received this via email. Using the code 3XP4W7 you can get 50% off a purchase at the Q-link store located at http://www.qlinkproducts.com
Excludes gold and optimizer products.

With this coupon you can get the SRT3 rated Q-Link Pendant for $49.99 + shipping.

Basically the Q-Link is a pendant you wear around your neck that is supposed to stabilize your bio-field. I work daily around computers and electronic devices and have found that wearing one of these has made me feel less fatigued after long work hours. There are two strengths, SRT2 and SRT3. SRT3 is the strongest version.

If your interested but skeptical, you could do like I did and purchase the SRT2 grade pendant off Ebay. I paid $37 shipped for mine a few months ago. I used the above code and purchased the SRT3 tonight since the SRT2 worked well for me.

I'm ryanflucas on Steam and PSN, feel free to add me. Checkout my eBay and my Game Boy Collection.