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DLP TV for gaming?

#1 nac14127   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   17 Posts   Joined 7.3 Years Ago  

Posted 05 September 2010 - 10:12 PM

I'm thinking about investing in the wd-60638 mitsubishi 3d dlp tv. right now, its only $800, which to me, seems like an amazing deal. i don't really care about aesthetitcs and space is not an issue so i'm not concerned about getting a dlp for those reasons. but are dlp tvs good for gaming? And do you think this is a good tv to purchase? And how is the 3d on this? Any feedback is appreciated (especially if you have or have seen this tv).

#2 Tate Donovan   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   146 Posts   Joined 10.8 Years Ago  

Tate Donovan

Posted 05 September 2010 - 11:37 PM

The very first dlps had problems with gaming, but that was corrected many years ago. I got a samsung dlp in 2006 and have never had any problems with it, gaming or otherwise.

#3 Zmonkay   Awesome in Small Doses CAGiversary!   4693 Posts   Joined 13.8 Years Ago  

Posted 05 September 2010 - 11:56 PM

I've got a 65" mitsu (don't know the exact model) and love it. It's my game TV and PC monitor. However, don't be fooled with the 3D ready aspect. From what I can tell, it's ridiculously limited (in terms of what things support it, though I haven't personally tried it), and not currently supported by the PS3 (I guess Sony is trying to push their own TV's more, which handle 3D differently). IMHO the best thing about DLP's is the bang for the buck. You can get a DLP much larger than equivalently priced LCDs. Oh, and the TV speakers are rubbish. I've got everything through my surround anyway, but just a word of warning, my parents got the same TV as me, and the speakers were so bad it pushed them to get a home theater system as well.

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