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Halo Reach: Wheel of Halo Contest - Winners Posted!

#5671 Link927   Work In Progress CAGiversary!   3803 Posts   Joined 12.0 Years Ago  

Posted 07 October 2010 - 04:35 AM

Many people are posting in hopes that the two winners have forfeited their prizes so that they may have a chance. If it does happen, then hopefully it happens soon so then this thread can die in peace.

Nothing to see here, move along!

#5672 henryoz   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   3 Posts   Joined 6.3 Years Ago  

Posted 11 October 2010 - 09:05 PM

Count me in!

#5673 ItchyD   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   79 Posts   Joined 10.1 Years Ago  

Posted 22 October 2010 - 12:03 PM

all problems can be solved with jet packs

#5674 Hydrogurl   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   5 Posts   Joined 6.1 Years Ago  


Posted 25 October 2010 - 07:19 PM

Ok loved the Utube- so fun watching you squirm. On the second console, gears are spinning - "Is this program right" running thru your head before you even stated as much ROTFLMAO- I hung out to watch the third console come up just to see your expression - I need a life

#5675 PureEvil x21   CAG Veteran CAGiversary!   47 Posts   Joined 8.6 Years Ago  

PureEvil x21

Posted 30 October 2010 - 02:44 AM

Wow, they still haven't claimed them? I accept donations, lol.

#5676 clayman987   CAG Veteran CAG Veteran   1 Posts   Joined 5.7 Years Ago  


Posted 16 January 2011 - 09:18 AM

Who loves Halo Reach???

#5677 haruky   Vengeance. CAGiversary!   1088 Posts   Joined 6.9 Years Ago  

Posted 16 January 2011 - 09:46 AM

Why in the world did you bring this thread back from the grave?