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San Francisco Bay Area temp game writer needed

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Posted 29 September 2010 - 12:26 AM

Hi Guys. I'm sure many of you have seen me in those often-painful download code hunts on the Free/Contest section, which I run through Examiner.com:


We gaming press in the S.F. Bay Area are a spoiled bunch. The dense grouping of Bay Area game publishers (Capcom, LucasArts, Ubisoft, EA, NamcoBandai, etc) and gaming media outlets (GamesRadar, IGN, 1up, bitmob, Gamepro, etc) makes this place a hotbed for press events.

Right now I'm pretty swamped right now with review content (Quantum Theory, Front Missions Evolved, Dead Rising 2, etc) and I need a hand helping cover some of these upcoming hands-on sessions. I just need you to take good notes during any presentations and spend time with all the available games (and take notes for those too). I can't compensate you, but you're more than welcome to keep whatever shwag is doled out and network with game companies and other game site editors. Last week for example, Activision gave away DJ Hero 2 turntables and limited edition t-shirts to press at their DJ Hero 2 event. Here's a sample of what I have appointments for (though the Homefront event already happened)

9/27 (Monday) 6-9PM - Homefront pre-event happy hour @ Thirsty Bear Brewing Co, S.F.; food and drinks provided by THQ
9/28 (Tuesday) 10-2AM - Homefront multiplayer preview session @ The Presidio, S.F.; lunch and drinks provided by THQ
9/28 (Tuesday) 7-9PM - The Social Network press screening @ AMC Mercado, Santa Clara
9/29 (Wednesday) 1:30-2:30PM - Kirby's Epic Yarn preview session @ Nintendo, Redwood City; lunch provided by Nintendo
9/29 (Wednesday) 3-3:30PM - Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon preview session @ Hotel Intercontinental, S.F.; refreshments provided by D3 Publisher
9/29 (Wednesday) 4-7PM - Ubisoft Digital Day DLC line-up preview session @ 111 Minna, S.F.; food and drinks provided by Ubisoft
9/30 (Thursday) 9-12PM - Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood preview event @ 111 Minna, S.F.; food and drinks provided by Ubisoft
10/5 (Tuesday) 2-5PM - Ubisoft Kinect press event @ Elan, S.F.; food and drinks provided by Ubisoft
10/5 (Tuesday) 5-7PM - Tron: Evolution video game preview event @ Westin St. Francis, S.F.; food and drinks provided by Disney Interactive
10/15 (Friday) 9-10AM - The Shark gaming mouse demo session @ The Palomar, S.F. food and drinks provided by Splitfish Games

Please PM me if you're interested.