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Prototype (Xbox 360)

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Wesley J

Posted 30 September 2010 - 11:07 PM

Prototype, ah yea I remember when I played this game. One of the many games that I first reviewed last year. I was set to play this game and rented it to see what it was all about. It came out around the same time Infamous came out for the Playstation 3, there was a lot of talk that these two games looked similar from first glance. I haven't played Infamous yet, it is on my "To Play" list for the Playstation 3. Prototype is an open world/sandbox type of experience, where you get to play as Alex Mercer. He is a man that wakes up from one hell of a bad dream, in a morgue being operated on! He has no memory of what is going on an idea where he came from. He has to link up with his sister Dana to find out what went on.

The world is filled with infected running around the massive city scope, and also with the Blackwatch armed forces. The army is called in to take care of any viral breakouts that occur. So with that said, they are after you too. Alex finds and learns that he has super human strength and can shape shift into other people by consuming them whole, this reminds me a lot of the old school resident evil monsters. Alex can change his arm into blades, run across the world at amazing speeds, he can glide through the air at will and come down with crashing elbows. In the open world there are missions that range from different type of objectives, they seemed to get a little on the repetitive side. Go to this Hive (base), blow everything up and get whats inside, grab intel or absorb this important person and come back here. There are also challenges like gliding and free running type that you unlock to earn more experience to buy more perks for Alex. The main way to earn experience is to absorb people. This is the bread and butter of the gameplay.

Alex can absorb human/infected for health boost, for experience and knowledge, and most importantly for their memories. You use this mechanic all the time for missions you need to look like a certain agent or army personal to sneak into a base and infiltrate it and learn more. He is trying to piece back what happened to him and how he is all connected to it all. That, is where I got lost. The story really never caught on to me. I wanted to get in to it but I just didn't get into cause you are always lost on where it was going. You see chopped up memories and try to piece things together yourself.... torture. The game does look very good and runs very clean for the fast pace it has and insane amount of carnage... INSANE! There is shit blowing up everywhere, from smashing tanks, to having dog fights with helicopters, intense chases you name it.

The sound was very well done, sounds of destruction fill the surround sound. The voice acting was a little over the top, but the whole thing is way out there to begin with. At times, the frame-rate did seem to bog down and not run as smooth as when there is chaos all over the place. The gameplay was solid but at times I felt very frustrated with the certain missions and boss fights, I seemed to die the most on some stupid constructed boss fights. Especially the last one, OMG. No spoilers. The amount of stress when playing this was pretty up there, constantly having to shake off everything thats following you or dying cause of the boss fights are somewhat stupidly designed got to me. The camera sometime was all over the place and targeting system let me down for the most part too.

All in all, it was a solid rental. I believe I completed the game just over ten hours of gameplay which was above average these days. I played through it once and had no desire to ever do it again. No desire to put this on my Buy list for further purchases, even at discounted rates I had enough of this game. You might think different of the whole experience then me. When it was all said and done, I was happy that it was over and that I was taking it back to the store.



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