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FS/FT:Xbox 360 DLC, game posters, game guides, Gamestop swag, promotional box art displays, game cases, ask for pics, digital movie codes, weekly ups

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Posted 17 November 2010 - 12:46 AM

Hi all. I got a couple items for xbox 360, a couple misc items, a little bit of swag, and one wii item I just want to get rid of. Not a lot of items, but perhaps someone may be interested in one or a few. All items are in exact conditions as described unless otherwise noted. Will also trade for items in want list, though it may contain a few import game titles. 

Update:  I am in the process of acquiring new items such as gaming posters, replacement cases for all games, promotional game items, gamestop swag, possibly games as well, among other stuff.  I acquire these items mainly from the gamestop in my area where I became good friends with one of the managers, and as such a mere question into throw away stuff led into a thing where he sets aside most undamaged, or lightly damaged items (stated above).  The items can be varied, and as such I ask that no one asks me for any specific singular or more item requests.  I cannot, and will not guarantee fulfillment of such requests.  The items I get are meant for their dumpster, but with the friendship I have with the manager at my store, he as stated above sets aside these things where I get my pick of what's dumpster bound before they meet their maker so to speak lol.  Second post will contain items I get as this first post is just about full, and cannot hold much more text.

Note that I haven't asked my friend to set aside certain genre specific items such as sports, music, puzzle, racing, sim, graphic novella, among others that are considered niche.  These genres typically do not interest me, but if you have been interested in acquiring certain gamestop promo items such as the above stated stuff then let me know via a post, and I'll ask for such items to be set aside.  Again......I cannot guarantee, and will not fulfill specific requests for any one or more singular items!!  Those are long shots to say the least when gamestop decides as to what they're going to throw away and what they wont.  Do not ask for specific things expecting such!!  Everything I acquire will be related to one of the above genres.  Do not expect any more than that!


One more note.  Pics I've taken recently exceed the 2MB file size limit for posting attachments.  I have pics of all new items, and will provide them via email, or other means if requested.  Thanks.



iconxbox360.gif Japanese Xbox 360 Arcade Compilation game. This is in brand new mint condition. Only thing I have done is swapped the dvd case with a black one as I dont use this copy, and another of my games had a cracked case. It has the case artwork insert. Requires japanese, or asian xbox 360 to play.

Xbox 360 DLC, Avatar gear, Online Passes, Microsoft Points, XBLA Games, and XBL Time: (Would prefer PMing these codes)

iconxbox360.gif Darksiders II LE DLC content. Unlocks Argul's Tomb.
iconxbox360.gif Onechanbara Z Kagura Rare Micro Bikini Kagura (games protagonist) outfit Pre-order DLC. This is not up on japanese xbox live marketplace, and is very hard to find second hand. This requires a japanese XBL account.
iconxbox360.gif Gundam Musou 3 DLC (aka Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3) unlocks in game playable mobile suits Musou Gundam, and Musou Gundam Mk-II. This requires a asian XBL account.
iconxbox360.gif The Darkness II LE Bonus content DLC. Unlocks the following: Two Unique Character Abilities - Gourmet Heart & Relic Hunter, Alternate Darkling Outfit.
iconxbox360.gif Homefront Remmington 870 Shotgun DLC.
iconxbox360.gif Dead Space 2 Online Pass.
iconxbox360.gif Gears of War 3 Aaron Griffon Character DLC.
iconxbox360.gif Kinect Joy Ride Hammerhead car DLC x4.
iconxbox360.gif Kinect Joy Ride Sphinx car DLC x4.
iconxbox360.gif Kinect Joy Ride Eisenberg car DLC x4.
iconxbox360.gif Kinect Joy Ride Apex car DLC x4.
iconxbox360.gif Dance Central 2 male in game character outfit unlock (code is a controller combination code to be used in game for the outfit) x1.
iconxbox360.gif Medal of Honor Warfighter Gun Camo DLC pack. Desert, Bosnial, Artic Gun camos. Have individual codes for each. x1 for now per code unless there is more interest in these.
iconxbox360.gif Monster Hunter Frontier Online 3 GoD. This requires a japanese XBL account and is region locked.
iconxbox_r2.gif Original Japanese Xbox Live 2 month trial card. May require the following pre-requisites for redeeming as there is a thread discusssing and talking about people redeeming these codes til fairly late into 2011 http://www.cheapassgamer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=112801: An original unbanned, active japanese xbox live account migrated from the original xbox to your 360. May require your xbox 360 to be japanese as well.

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Posted 18 November 2010 - 01:37 AM

Gaming posters: (undamaged unless noted otherwise, and linked pics are just for reference since pics i've taken really don't show the slight damage each has noted for them)


Persona 4 Dancing All Night x3: 28 inches tall by 22 inches wide.  Slight water damage on one sides edge, and may

have very minor bend damage on each. $10 http://www.gamestop....ter_bonusLG.jpg


Call of Duty Black Ops 3 PS4 promo poster for launch day x10.  Very minor corner bend, and middle had something sit on top of the roll of posters where it didn't bend enough to make marks, but kinda looks like a halfway roll from the inside out.  Can be easily flattened out.  Dimensions are roughly 27x19 3/4 inches. $10 each



Batman Arkham Knight collector edition lithos.  Scarecrow, Batman, and Bat Mobile.  Scarecrow cell has 2 corner bends.


Promotional game items (limited to box art inserts at the moment til something else worthwhile is set aside and are undamaged unless otherwise stated):

Lego Dimensions Starter pack xbox one promo box art insert display x2. Been in generic cases.


Mad Max multi plat promo box art insert display, gamestop logo'd x2.  Been in generic cases.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege xbox one promo box art insert, gamestop logo'd x4.  Been in generic cases.


Assassin's Creed Syndicate multi plat promo box art insert, gamestop logo'd x1.  Been in generic case.


NBA 2K16 xbox one promo box art insert display, gamestop logo'd x2.  Been in generic cases.


Call of Duty Blacks Ops 3 multi plat box art insert display, gamestop logo'd x1.  Been in generic case.


Game manuals:

Fight Night Round 3 for xbox 360 in good condition, but obvious use upon feeling it. $3

Need for Speed Most Wanted for xbox 360 in excellent condition with no obvious signs of wear on it. $3


Game cases (all cases are official cases for their respective systems, and undamaged unless noted otherwise):

Xbox 360 cases.  1 in grey and 11 in green.  Cases are for the most part undamaged,and may have sticker residue on them.  Damages on at least one are minimal.


Playstation 4 cases.  1 in blue, and in good condition except for a very minor crack which is hard to spot unless you look for it.


Playstation 3 cases.  7 clear and undamaged, but may have sticker residue.


4 generic black dvd cases from gamestop.  undamaged, but may have sticker residue.


Wii cases.  1 white case, and in very good condition, with only a lil sticker residue, which im in the process of removing.


Nintendo ds official game cases x3. Will be tough to come across these, but slowly getting them.  Very good condition with very little sticker residue.


Complete/incomplete replacement game cases (may or may not have manual, or art work.  Will be noted what each has:

Battlefield 3 limited edition xbox 360 case with artwork insert, and original double disc 360 case. All undamaged in good condition.


Battlefield Bad Company 2 ultimate edition xbox 360 case.  Complete with artwork insert, manual, and 360 case.  All undamaged in good condition.


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent xbox 360 case.  Complete with artwork insert, manual, and 360 case.  All undamaged in good condition.


Ninja Gaiden Sigma red ps3 greatest hits case.  Complete with artwork insert, manual, and red PS3 case.  All undamaged in good condition.


Need for Speed Hot Pursuit clear ps3 case.  Complete with artwork insert, manual, and official ps3 case


Gaming accessories/items:

Playstation Vita/psp carrying case.  Excellent condtion.  Unsure of brand as it has no identifying brand marks or stickers.$5IMAG0291.jpg  IMAG0292.jpg  IMAG0293.jpg


Game guides:

Prima Lego Juraassic World game guide.  Very good condition.  Very minor bends on front cover corners opening the guide, but that's it.  Pages are pristine. $10


Prima Final Fantasy Type-0 HD collector edition hard cover official strategy guide.  New/sealed. $25


Prima Splatoon Wii U official game guide.  New/sealed. $10


Prima Super Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U official game guide.  Very good condition.  Very minor back and front cover damage, but can't really be spotted unless really looking for it. $10


Batman Arkham Knight Collectors Edition hard cover game guide.  Like new.  Undamaged. $15


Brady games Batman Arkham Knight game guide.  Very good condition. $15

Prima EA Sports Madden NFL 16 official game guide.  Very good condition. $10


PSN Codes:
Call of Duty Black OPs digital copy voucher. $2


Digital movie codes (will be updated whenever i buy movies that have these):

The Expendables 3 HD UV code. $2


Misc Items:
iconxbox360.gif Stock white xbox 360 faceplates x2.
iconxbox360.gif Xbox 360 hard drive expansion slot cover piece.
iconwii.gif Wii console stand to stand a Wii vertically.
icon4.gif Refurbished 2.5mm Jabra mobile wired headset. Jack connection will fit into 360 controller jack port. Sold or Traded AS-IS.
icon4.gif Case Logic 336 disc capacity wallet. Good for any disc based media in your possession.

Otterbox defender series case for galaxy tab 4 7.0.  Doesn't have the stand piece. Very good condition. $20

What I want:
Amazon GC
Microsoft $$$ U.S./JP (any increment)
Amazon JPN GC
Gamestop digital GC
Money Orders
Concealed Cash (at your own risk!)
Reasonable Offers

iconxbox360.gif Zoids Infinity EX Neo
iconxbox_r2.gif Halo 2 (complete.........though I would really like to get a steel book edition :))

iconps2_r2.gif games (several I want but cant think of off the top of my head so throw me some offers on titles you'd like to trade, but would prefer complete)
Original Playstation 1 games (several I'd want, but would prefer complete)

:vita: playstation vita games (will take any from any region in complete condition, and would prefer they are pstv compatible since that's what I have to play them on)

Xbox 360 DLC:
Pinball FX 2 tables

Red Dragon
White Noise 2
Appleseed EX Machina
Mr. Beans Holiday
Zombie Farm
Deadlands 2
Pitch Black
The Reaping

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