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Any CAGs in Japan willing to buy me Dead Rising 2: Case Zero?

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Posted 18 November 2010 - 06:22 AM

I know this is a longshot but I got nothing to lose by asking some fellow CAGs so any help is appreciated...

I am looking to get Dead Rising 2: Case Zero from the Japanese XBLA marketplace... But because it's a CERO Z rated title Microsoft decided the only way to verify this is to require a Credit Card to purchase the item instead of the usual MS Points [600 Yen]...

From the research I have done I cannot use a foreign credit card as the purchase requires a Japanese billing address.

So I was wondering if there are any CAGs out there who could create a new Xbox Live gamertag and purchase the title for me and I'll PayPal you the cost + a little extra for your time... Just delete your contact information + credit info from the gamertag before sending me the login info. Hell you could play the game first before you send the info as its only a 4-5 hour game...

By looking at my gamertag you can tell I play alot of XBLA games and retail of course and I just want to add this game to my collection...
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