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Heavenly sword PS3 $20 @ walmart.com

#1 Enuf   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   8191 Posts   Joined 7.1 Years Ago  

Posted 18 November 2010 - 08:40 AM

Although this was a launch game for PS3 it was $40-$50 long after it was released. $20 is a great price if u can find it in stores PM it or find a deal that works better

#2 Bertyo   Gary Oak. CAGiversary!   183 Posts   Joined 7.0 Years Ago  

Posted 18 November 2010 - 08:43 AM

It's like this at every other store.

#3 SelmaBlair   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   444 Posts   Joined 7.3 Years Ago  


Posted 18 November 2010 - 09:58 AM

This game needs to go on sale somewhere for under 9.99........

#4 Tgebbs   Black Label CAGiversary!   247 Posts   Joined 7.3 Years Ago  

Posted 18 November 2010 - 11:14 AM

Got mine in store @ walmart for $15.00 earlier this year.

#5 digital ink   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   313 Posts   Joined 7.5 Years Ago  

digital ink

Posted 18 November 2010 - 01:40 PM

Pretty sure you can get this at KMart right now for $15.00. I know I did last week out of their bargain bin.

#6 anbu-black-ops   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   528 Posts   Joined 7.7 Years Ago  


Posted 18 November 2010 - 01:43 PM

I also got mine with that 2 for $30 deal awhile ago. This game and Folklore. Got it yesterday.

#7 windsmere   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   378 Posts   Joined 9.0 Years Ago  

Posted 18 November 2010 - 02:51 PM

Got mine in store @ walmart for $15.00 earlier this year.

Yeah me too

#8 dudejeff22   Boned CAGiversary!   483 Posts   Joined 9.9 Years Ago  

Posted 18 November 2010 - 03:06 PM

Is this game out of print or something? I don't see how a launch title that flopped still costs so much! (I paid $30 for a used copy last year)

#9 3rdbass   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   695 Posts   Joined 8.3 Years Ago  

Posted 18 November 2010 - 05:38 PM

TC Amazon also has this for $19.99(no tax for most) in case anyone wants to go that route. It does say 2-4 weeks for delivery but I'm sure it will come faster.

#10 PublikDefender  


Posted 20 November 2010 - 07:37 AM

i remember not beating this game. the delay in the controls don't really matter b/c the game is so easy...until the last boss.

it was the first time i couldn't beat a game since a couple of the impossible nes ones when i was like 7yrs old.

#11 kobeisgod   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   710 Posts   Joined 10.6 Years Ago  


Posted 20 November 2010 - 08:04 AM

I like this game but unless you must have a new copy, my recommendation is to buy it cheaper used because after playing it once, which only takes about 5 hours, you may not play it again. Gohastings has it for about $12 minus 30% off if it's still active, plus shipping. Don't mean to thread crap, but just a suggestion

#12 BWS1982   No Abdication CAGiversary!   331 Posts   Joined 8.9 Years Ago  

Posted 20 November 2010 - 11:07 AM

It's like this at every other store.

Not around me. They're all at least $40, and many are still $59.99.

My one Walmart having it for $19.99 (but the others not even having the game at all) this summer was the first time I saw it anywhere sub-$40, personally. Seems to be a big YMMV on other stores having it so cheap. Then again, my region seems to fare a little worse on YMMV for bargain gaming anyways.

Heavenly Sword wasn't a launch game, either. Came out about a year after PS3's release, like fall '07, to average/good critique. GI gave the game an 8.75 and a 9, Gamepro gave it a 4.5/5, Gamespy a 4/5, and EGM gave it an 8. Not really a flop, either, but it was a bit short.

#13 Psykodelik   Piw Piw Masta! CAGiversary!   1160 Posts   Joined 11.6 Years Ago  


Posted 20 November 2010 - 12:01 PM

Loved the game...its a shame it was soo short. There was a proposed sequel but low sales stopped that.
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