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Steam Group Buy and Gift Requests thread

#1 eastx   The Fighting Bomber CAGiversary!   8939 Posts   Joined 15.6 Years Ago  

Posted 26 November 2010 - 08:42 PM

Welcome to the official CAG Steam group buy and trading thread!

The Steam deal thread
The Steam game discussion thread

Remember, if we have a CAG Steam Group for a game that you're buying, please join the group! The list of CAG Steam groups is found in the Steam discussion thread.

1/7/12 - The Gamersgate ban is partially lifted. You're only able to trade it if you've already revealed the key and are able to give it to the other person to redeem immediately. No gifting.

12/29/12 - Until further notice, the Gamersgate Bethesda/Borderlands 2 bundles are not allowed to be traded. When the whole situation gets cleared up, this may change. Thanks.

Group Buy Tips:

  • One person must volunteer to host a group buy. He or she announces this and asks for other people to join the group buy.
  • Once a group buy is filled, the host needs to edit his or her posts to reflect that the group is no longer open.
  • The people who join a host's group buy will PayPal their portion of the gift pack fee to the host.
  • PayPal will charge the host fees for receiving payments unless the person sending payment selects the Gift option when he/she is sending payment. Use discretion when choosing to gift funds. You will not have buyer protection if the host fails to provide the game to you. Still, if the host has positive trade feedback, it's probably safe to trust that person.
  • After the transaction is complete (the host has received payment and the buyer has received the game), both the buyer and host should leave trade feedback for each other. Do this by clicking on the host's CAG username. From the host's profile, click on Feedback and then submit new feedback.
  • If you have trouble finding a group buy with open slots, consider hosting a group yourself.
  • If you already own a game in a gift pack, you may not be able to host a group buy. Steam doesn't allow it with traditional 4-packs.

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Posted 26 November 2010 - 09:40 PM

Don't forget the 12-pack of Audiosurf that still has 3 spots open going on here!