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Perfect Dark Zero: Limited Collector's Edition (XBOX 360) = $8.99 w/ FSS

#31 FairyLeviathan   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   171 Posts   Joined 8.6 Years Ago  


Posted 02 December 2010 - 03:54 AM

I sold mine last weekend at my yardsale for $1.00

That would've been a nice find lol.
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#32 coolsteel   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   5454 Posts   Joined 12.8 Years Ago  

Posted 02 December 2010 - 04:03 AM

I'm going to offer some sense. This game isn't good. Yes, some will like it. Some may really enjoy it. But it's not good. I'm not a hater, but it is one of the most terrible games I've ever played. I made it 10 minutes into the single player. And while me and my friend played multiplayer, we needed beer to do it.

I'm with you, I gave it a few hours and couldn't take it anymore it was horrendously boring. This has nothing to do with being a sequel as at the time I hadn't even played the first Perfect Dark but instead it was the game itself. I mean christ this is actually more expensive then what some copies on ebay have gone for.

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Posted 02 December 2010 - 04:29 AM

you guys all seem to forget this was a launch title, it is 5 years old now..look at Super Mario Bros, then look at Super Mario 3..this was the first time companies had a crack at HD technology, pretty early on too..

So? I bought this thing for full price and played it on launch day. It wasn't good then. It certainly hasn't gotten better with age. Oh, and I completely finished the single player. I paid enough that I forced myself to. It wasn't good. Now, that isn't to say it isn't worth $10. I think it is, but it takes a really awful game to make it to that level. PDZ is just very mediocre.

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Posted 02 December 2010 - 04:35 AM


Suck it, haters.
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Posted 02 December 2010 - 04:42 AM

I saw the PDZ LE at Books-A-Million this past Monday for $5. If you have a BAM nearby, give it a shot first before jumping on this deal.
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Posted 02 December 2010 - 05:25 AM

As a big fan of the original, it was the first game I got with my 360. Overall I'd say I enjoyed it, though it differed significantly in style from its predecessor, and the input lag and low framerate got to me at times.

In my opinion, very much worth the $9 if you're a fan. But then, if you're a fan with a 360, you probably have it already. I'm pondering picking it up just for the extras, as I only have the standard edition.

#37 tossin   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   302 Posts   Joined 11.3 Years Ago  

Posted 02 December 2010 - 05:33 AM

I still pop it in a few times a month, and it still has a small community playing. After 9pm Pacific time it typically dies completely, but I really liked the multiplayer in this back in 05, 06, and 07 when a good amount of people still played.
I agree worth the price. It's definitely one of the best looking steelbooks for 360 games imo.

Not technically a steelbook, but it looks nice nonetheless.

Kind of weird to see people crapping on it. It's a decent game, but it just hasn't aged well.

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Posted 02 December 2010 - 05:59 AM

this is one of the best shooters on 360 and i really don't understand the hate for it.

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