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Snowboarding/Skiing and other winter activities thread

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Mana Knight

Posted 13 February 2011 - 03:44 PM

Anyone go skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, or participate in any winter outdoor activities like at a resort before?

Years ago (back in 4th grade), I went cross-country skiing for a field trip. The skiing was kind of fun actually (even if we went to a park), but going downhill on a narrow slope with trees everywhere wasn't as fun to me since I almost hit a tree. But eh, I was a kid at the time.

Ever since I started watching snowboarding on TV and playing it in video games (like for the Cool Boarders video games), it's something I always really liked. I wanted to go out and snowboard, but I lived a distance away from the slopes. No way I could get my parents to let me go (I was in my teen years), and it would be an expensive investment back when I didn't have money. Since I have a bunch of new friends who snowboard/ski, along with living just over an hour away from the slopes, I decided to give it a shot. It was an expensive investment (had to buy lots of new winter stuff, and even bought my own snowboard package), but definitely the best investment I made in years.

I've only been snowboarding a few times, but I absolutely LOVE it. Going downhill really fast, turning via heel side/toe side is just so much fun. First time I went I fell down tons of times, but after my fifth time I had a perfect run. I've advanced up to steeper slopes, but working on not falling and getting better at stopping (I wipe out when stopping all the time, haha). Right now I'm ultra sore on my butt and arms after falling so many times when going down a deeper slope my first time, but I had tons of fun regardless (my next run was much better only falling a few times). I can't wait until next day I snowboard. I doubt I'll ever get good at tricks, but as long as I can do a 360 spin off a hill one day I'll be happy enough.

I never tried snow tubing. Use to go sledding a lot as a kid. I hope to maybe try it sometime. I actually want to try skiing again, although more so cross country than downhill.

It's kind of funny because I despised winter after my kid years. Since I've been participating in winter activities, I love the snow again and there's no way I ever want to live somewhere that never snows.

When it comes to snowboard equipment, it's Burton FTW!!! Most of my stuff is Burton, although my snowboard isn't (plan to eventually get one some day).