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devil summoner 2 LE

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Kanji Tatsumi

Posted 18 February 2011 - 11:02 PM

hello all this is my first post but i was thinking i might inform you that the "shin megami tensei devil summoner 2 LE' is still around being sold. ive researched it for a bit now and it seemed like it would be a decent game id enjoy and the price was a plus as well (19.99).

so i went to my local gamestop in rochester ny to find they had about 10 copys at there store as well as other stores in the area having quite a few as well. most copys at my local store were gutted but i found i few copys that were still completely sealed. i picked up 2 copys with the money i received from trading in a few games ( one sealed one gutted.

i made this post bc im sure some of you are not aware of this great deal for a great price.

also , gamestop is currently running a offer where you get 50 percent xtra on tradeins. also i am sure this is against gs regulations but the guy at my gamestop was nice and combined a coupon i had for 50 percent xtra as well as the 50 percent they were already having,

so if your looking for a good ps2 game for a decent price and have some old games lying about. i suggest if your gamestop still has it to go and pick one up. i made 40 xtra bucks from the offers they were having(just by trading in 3 games). so hope this helps some people looking for a cheap game to feed there gaming hunger !!!!! RAWR!!!!!!

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Posted 25 February 2011 - 05:20 AM

Thanks for the heads up! ;)

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