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Moving to Australia from the U.S... what should I do?

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Posted 10 April 2011 - 01:08 PM

Headed to Australia for a few years starting this summer... what should I do about my gaming items in terms of the move?

I know the voltage and power inputs are different in Australia than in the states. Is it possible to just buy replacement power strips (for the 360, PS3 and/or Wii)? If so, where can I buy them from?

Any other tips are welcome as well... thanks! Excited to be joining you all.

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Posted 10 April 2011 - 02:15 PM

Yep, buy some US/Canadian to Australian/Chinese (type AS-3112) power converters/transformers for any electronic devices you'll be taking with you. Make sure what you get is also a transformer/voltage converter, or you'll blow the fuse on your gaming systems (AU uses 240V, while the US standard is 120V.)

Your main problem though will be the TV compatibility methinks (NTSC devices on a PAL TV). I think most newer PAL TVs accept both PAL and NTSC inputs though, so it shouldn't be a problem if your tv isn't ancient.

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 05:50 AM

I moved here last October and can help you out. With digital inputs/outputs you don't need to worry about PAL/NTSC.

Easiest thing to bring is a PS3 since the voltage is 120-240V even though it doesn't actually say so (I read a lot online about this before I brought it over) so all you need is a plug converter and you don't have to worry about voltage. Plug in with HDMI and you're good to go. This worked perfectly for me and I'm running a slim US PS3 with just a plug converter (not voltage).

Xbox 360 was trickier so chose to sell my old Xbox 360 and buy a slim from Australia. Problem with bringing a US Xbox 360 is the power supply. You'll need to buy a 240v power brick and given the different types of 360s this can be an issue trying to find in Australia. You could use a voltage converter but I wouldn't recommend it as they don't seem reliable according to a little bit of internet research I did back when I was considering bringing mine.

Wii you're screwed because there is no digital output. So you need PAL Wii if you're coming here. I don't know anything about the voltage. I didn't bring a Wii with me.

Best thing to do is to bring a PC from the US. I did this on my last short trip back to the US. It costs a fraction of what it costs here and you can just download games off of Steam, Direct2drive, EA Download Manager, etc. at US prices assuming you have a US credit card. You'll need to set up a VPN service (I use strongvpn for $55/yr) so the service thinks you are from the US. This also lets you use Hulu and Netflix.

Sorry for the long post but I had to go through the same thing as you. Gaming is an expensive hobby here compared to back home and I understand you trying to bring what you can with you. Just beware of Australian game prices. I either buy on Steam or import from the UK.

Hope this helps!

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 06:37 AM

If you're planning to bring your US X360 over to AU, and planning to buy new X360 games in AU, remember that some titles are region locked and may not be playable on your US X360, and vice-versa for some games.

While I believe most PS3 titles aren't region locked, Blu-ray movies are region locked, so you might want to note that too. US = Region A, AU = Region B.

I cannot recall if Wii titles are region locked.

edit: btw which state in AU are you planning to stay in?

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Posted 11 April 2011 - 11:58 PM

Yeah that's good to remember too. PS3 games are all region free but Blu-rays aren't even though I've had pretty good luck when buying Australian blu-rays as most are region free except the odd few. PS3 DLC can be region locked though.

Xbox games can be region locked but all my US games work fine on my Australian Xbox 360. A little google searching will get you a list of which games are region free and which are locked. Xbox DLC is region locked though. I couldn't download my old arcade games or the US copy of COD DLC that I bought assuming that because I have a US Xbox Live Account that I would have to buy US DLC. Oh well.

Wii titles are region locked as far as I know and you'll need the correct PAL or NTSC TV.