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Can someone residing in South Korea buy me some Microsoft Points (Digital Code)?

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 08:25 AM

Well I am looking for someone who lives in South Korea to buy me some Microsoft Points... I have done some research and it seems that the PHYSICAL xbox live point cards are a rare commodity in South Korea and that the majority of the transactions that involve Microsoft Points are purchased over the internet through Microsoft's OFFICIAL points distributor...


As I am not a Korean native nor can I read Korean I am at a loss to purchase from that website... But from what I can gather you order points off the website and they text message you a code that you can use on your Xbox Live account (that's the way it seems from the pictures and from what I can translate using Google)... So I am looking for a kind CAGer out there to buy 2000 MSP (27000 Won it seems) and send me the code. I will of course reimburse the person through PayPal + a little more for your trouble...

Ideally I am looking for a person who already has an account on the website and since this is CAG I thought this was my best bet...

If you are wondering why I need KOREAN Microsoft Points versus my own countries US points, then the answer is that Points are REGION Locked by accounts. US Points can only be used in the US + a few other areas, Mexican points in Central + South America, I believe Canada has its own points system. UK Points seem to work all through the EU (but I havn't tried all the areas so don't quote me on that) Japan points seem to only work in Japan. And EACH REGION has region specific content for SOME games... As an avid 360 gamer (my gamerscore is over 300,000) I like to collect games/content from other regions...

Well I hope there is someone out there who is willing and able to help... Thx for reading...
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