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Small annoyance with the nav dropdown on CAG

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Posted 26 May 2011 - 04:19 PM

Maybe it's only in google chrome but when browsing the deals/forums/blogs/etc navigation above if you hover over one of the root navigation elements (forums) above and try to select one of the navigation items from the menu that appears, (forum index) it seems that moving the mouse between the two <li> elements makes the sub-menu disappear sometimes if the mouse is not moved extremely slowly between the two.

Kind of hard to explain but basically when hovering over "forums" and attempting to pick "forum index" the "forum index" part of the navigation disappears very frequently, and you have to keep hovering over "forums" again until the "forum index" submenu stays on the screen and remains clickable.

Probably a problem with how the unordered list is styled. Maybe there is a small region below the "forums" or other <li> elements that is not activated for hover on either the forums <li> or the <li> for the sub-headings.

Either way I use that "forum index" link everyday and it's only been happening for a few days but it's sort of annoying, other users of google chrome probably are experiencing it too.

It does seem to only be affecting chrome, firefox and IE don't do this quirk.

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