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The E3 2011 Predictions Thread - Get Your Guesses In While You Can

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Posted 06 June 2011 - 04:59 AM

The big E3 press conferences begin tomorrow. What do you believe will be announced at the E3 pressers? Now's the time and this is the place to call it.

My Predictions:


-A new Super Smash Bros. is announced. If for Project Cafe, it will be a launch window title.

-Pikmin 3 will be officially unveiled.

-No 3DS price drop, in spite of lagging sales.

-No new, original IP's from Nintendo.

-The Game Informer rumor that Project Cafe will be called simply "Nintendo" will be incorrect. To be honest, I hope I'm wrong.

-The price of Project Cafe will not be revealed.

-Donkey Kong Country Returns sequel will not be announced...for a home console.

-Project Cafe can use the 3DS as a normal game controller.


-The PSN outage will be addressed during their press conference.

-Vita will be confirmed as the NGP's final name.

-Price of PS Vita will be $250 for the low-end model, $329 for the high-end model.

-$50 PS3 price drop.

-God of War 4 announced


-Halo: Combat Evolved remake will be shown off.

-No Killer Instinct Kinect game.

-Gears of War 3 opens the show.

-Partnership with a major sporting league will bring complete season coverage of the league's sport to Xbox Live.

-$50 Xbox 360 Price drop.

-Kinect price dropped to $99.

-Forza World will be announced and will feature over 1,000 square miles of drivable terrain.

-Exclusive Call of Duty content for Xbox 360.

-The word "Zune" will be spoken, but no more than three times.

-Ninja Gaiden III will be shown off during Microsoft's press conference.

---Third Parties---

-Capcom will announce Super MvC3 with a trailer that featuring Phoenix Wright

-Capcom will also announce a new 3DS fighting game, possibly a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom port.

-An Earth Defense Force announcement of some kind will be made.

-A new Godzilla game will be announced.

-Bandai Namco will officially announce their acquisition of the Sailor Moon video game rights for the U.S.

-One of the legendary hold-out bands (Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc.) will finally be announced as coming to Rock Band or getting their own Rock Band game.

-Sega reveals a new Virtua Fighter/VF port.

-Soul Calibur V guest franchise will be from an Anime.

-Guitar Hero will not be mentioned at any of the big three press conferences.

-No Dead Or Alive 5

-Metal Gear Solid 1 for XBLA in some form

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