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Problem with Shipping Price and Selling Price

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Posted 09 June 2011 - 07:48 PM

I'm setting up prices for some games and I also want to specify shipping charges. I went to the shipping costs section (under marketplace > options) and put in my prices. I continued adding games to my collection and setting prices.

- If my price was $10.00, and I then chose shipping to be $2.95, then the price is changed to $12.95. That's great. Now, let's say I want to revise my price, and instead want to change it to $8.00, plus S&H. Well, now the total price is $8, not $10.95. In other words, any prices edited AFTER specifying the shipping costs will not have the shipping costs automatically added after the price edit.

- Any games and their prices added after that postage-price specification will not include the postage price adjustment.

- Changing the postage cost to $0.00 does not remove any applied postage cost additions to base cost.

- Editing the postage cost will add that new cost in addition to any previous postage cost modifiers.

tl;dr: whatever system this site uses to add postage cost to the base cost isn't working properly. I would suggest that postage cost be displayed in the "Edit Game Options" page. There would be three fields: 1) base cost, 2) the postage cost, and the third field displays the total cost (postage + base cost).

Anyone else having this particular problem, or is it just me?

- in the "Trade List" section for my games, none of the "shortcuts" to edit price/game details work.