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Play Uncharted 3 at select AMC theatres (NY, LA, SF, DC, Dallas) and get early copy

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Posted 24 September 2011 - 09:43 PM

Update: The event is now over, I hope those that attended enjoyed themselves! If you haven't received a confirmation email, send your inquiries to: Premium_Pass@playStation.sony.com

I wasn't sure if this is the right section but it's sort of a cool deal for those in the qualifying area. Naughty Dog has partnered with AMC theatres to have an event from Oct 18th - 20th where you can play Uncharted 3 in select theaters in 3D, and win prizes from Sony, and much more.

The general admission is $25 to participate, BUT if you pay the $60 instead for the Premium pass you'll also have a copy of UC3 mailed to you early (shipped via Fed Ex on Oct. 25th). To Clarify since some below were confused: You don't have to pay $85, the $60 premium entry also includes general admission.

Pretty cool if you were planning to buy the game anyway! Odds are you'll be walking out of there with plenty of free swag 8-)

To Buy tickets online just go through one of the theater links below, OR easier go directly to the UC3 Fandango Page (linked underneath this paragraph), enter your zip and choose the date you want. Some theaters don't have purchase links up yet (like Century City for ex) so you'll either have to wait till they do, or try and get them in person. There's also a $1.50 convenience charge if buying on Fandango, but thankfully no taxes:

Buy Tickets from Fandango HERE (not all theatres go through Fandango some go through movietickets.com so click the theater links below for those)

UPDATE: The thread has now been Wikified, below you'll find a list of all the theares and showtimes. Feel free to post which one you're attending to plan any meetups or whatever. Feel free to re-organize the list structure!

Who's Attending

Feel free to drop your username at the event you're going to. Add any other communication info you want in parentheses

San Francisco
19th: MunkichioO, Oddeye

Los Angeles
18th: SecretAgentHam
19th: Metalh123, jantzn

18th: msriflegirl, DeskLaser, phogoodness, youngnoble
19th: ajumbaje, buckythekat

18th: Serpentor, Dannya25, Blehza, Quest1962, jiggyteddy
19th: iguss
20th: Dramasetter929, randy_wrecked, pete5883

18th: aramsey1986
19th: mkernan
20th: TommyTSquared

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Posted 24 September 2011 - 09:46 PM

Just click through on one of the links above, select the date you want and it'll take you to a Fandango page. Here's the general UC3 Fandango page, I'll add it to the OP: http://www.fandango....date=10/18/2011

Speaking of, I wonder if I bought one of those discounted promotional Fandango credits from ebay if I could apply it to this and thus get the event (and the game) for cheaper