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Rocksmith Rocksmith 2014 Guitar Bass real guitar real bass

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Posted 05 June 2019 - 07:19 PM

Eastwood Guitars clearance sale


-sale page is thru their sister site, My Rare Guitars

-50% off  select items and while they play around with pricing from time to time, there are some nice deals to be had.

-various models, including a few lefty guitars :bouncy:

Offset guitar fans can check out the Fireball for $450


-available in sunburst or black

-alder body, maple neck, 24.75" scale, rosewood fretboard

-so a jaguar, using "gibson" scale and equipped with P90s... nice 8-)

If you want a tele, there's the Sidejack 300 for $300


-kinda a Mosrite inspired telecaster

-available in sunburst or black

-basswood body, maple neck, rosewood fretboard

And if you were interested in that 12-string Epiphone i posted earlier in the thread, then check out the NSH-12 for $600


-available in fireburst gold or flametop wine red

-comes with hardshell case

-this is pretty much their version of the Epiphone Riviera 12-string; it's even part of their description :lol:

-Obviously, slightly tweaked to avoid lawsuits... so this one has a bit more of a fat-bottom bout when compared to the Riviera.

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Posted 18 June 2019 - 07:05 PM

Whole mess of Ibanez guitars on sale @ Adorama, thanks to SD's Iconian


Linking to the SD post as you're gonna need their affiliate link in order to get the sale price.

-models and pricing range from as low as $269 to $1699

-mostly 6 string electric guitars, but there are a couple bass guitars, 7 string guitars and one acoustic 12 string guitar


NIce change of pace to the most of the guitar models that tend to go on sale.

And if you need a starting point to figure out what's good at a low/reasonable price, try looking at:

RGRT621 models @ $450; available in purple burst or blue burst

-has a 5 ply, neckthru construction

-DiMarzio humbuckers

-hardtail, fixed bridge

Purple bursthttps://www.adorama....rce=rflaid62905

Blue bursthttps://www.adorama....rce=rflaid62905


Or, there's the Steve Vai sig model @ $370, in pink


-honestly, not much that needs to be said about this one... it's either "love at 1st sight" or "kill it with fire"... you decide :lol:


More models/builds also on sale.  You just need to see if it's worth the extra cash.

EDIT: keep forgetting to post the following

Sweetwater has a deal on their store Gift Cards

Purchase a Sweetwater giftcard and receive an extra 10% value

Worthwhile if you were planning a purchase anyway.


-deal expires tomorrow, 06/19/2019

-basically means the giftcard TOTAL value will be 110% of what you paid/loaded onto it.

-for example, buy a $500 giftcard during the promo and the actual value will be $550

-deal is valid up to $2,000 in gc's, per address.

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Posted 09 July 2019 - 08:52 PM

While this is more of an FYI than a deal/sale price, it's still worth mentioning...


Firefly Guitars for $140, fulfilled by Amazon


- the current available models are semi-hollow guitars in blue, red, cherry and black (think es-335 type guitars)

- they're available in limited quantities.  Once sold out, you gotta wait for their next batch which can be a completely different model (like a thinline tele).

- they've developed a bit of a cult following, due to the fairly decent quality of the build when compared to the total cost. Plenty of videos you can watch for unboxing or reviews. And IIRC, there's also a facebook group that tracks availability


I missed out on a goldtop semi in their last batch, because I was busy trying to dig up info on the brand.  It sold out by the time I was gonna buy.  Same happened with a matte black version.


Anyway, I jumped on a transparent blue model once they popped up again on Amazon.

It arrived today and yup, it's a nice guitar for the price.


It does have little flaws, but nothing that I would say makes it unplayable.

-bridge posts are screwed in but not fully seated, so there's a tiny gap between the base and the guitar

-volume/tone knobs are rubbing against the top

-dirt/dust specs under the finish (most obvious when looking at the binding).

Aside from the finish issues, the other stuff is easily fixed.


Hardware is cheap but it works.

-tuners hold tune

-nut seems to be cut well

-pickups, switch and knobs all function

-frets are seated fine and no sharp ends


In the end, this is a good choice for anyone curious about trying semi-hollow guitars without having to drop a big chunk of change.  TBH, it's a decent first guitar in general.

And if they bring back the goldtop, I'm just the right amount of stupid to buy that too.


For me, this one becomes my beater semi guitar. Plus I get to experiment with different hardware configs, you know the stuff I'm too chicken to try on my 335 :lol: .



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Posted 17 July 2019 - 08:10 PM

Sam Ash "Roseday" sale - sale is DEAD - active again as of 07/20


Celebration of one of SA's co-founders.  ENDS TODAY !

-MUST view item in cart, for the discounted price

-looks to be 10% savings

-most items qualify.  If no discount appears, you can try calling to get them to add it manually.


Tried a few random picks and was able to get the discount on most items I tested. No luck on the Gristlemaster and new Vintera models, but it did work on the Acoustasonic and ES-235. Not really sure what the logic is behind that... 


Anyway, found a couple of models that are already discounted and will stack with this new discount.

Epiphone Casino for $450 ($500-10%discount)


-only the Cherry red model

-about $200 total savings off the regular street price.  This is cheaper than the Casino coupe model.

-FYI, you could add the Epi case, get the discount on that and still pay less than the regular price of the Casino

Epiphone Dot for $270 ($300-10%discount)


-only the Natural finish model

-about $180 savings off the regular street price.


There's probably more stuff, but that's what I found on a quick look-see.  Good Luck.

----------               ----------               ----------

And... have a feeling I missed the annual Couch Guitar Strap sale.

Been checking since June and nothing. Sad Panda ain't got nuthin' on me :cry:

AHHHH! I take it back...

Couch Guitar Straps annual sale is Live!!!


-25%off sitewide, with code"BuiltToRock2019"

-sale ends Saturday @ 8pm Pacific -  extended to Sunday @ 3pm Pacific


That new super saiyan lightning bolt strap is mine 8-)


UPDATE 07/18/19

Guitar Center Daily Deal

D'Angelico Premier SS semi-hollow guitar for $350



... and the Guitar Center "space bucks" deal is back


-valid on purchases from 7/18 to 7/21

-"space bucks" redeemable from 9/5 to 9/11


The RoseDay sale at Sam Ash is over, but the Epiphones I posted still have their initial discounted price.  There's even a new landing page


-mixture of acoustics and electrics.  You can even find a mandolin and banjo in there

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Posted 19 July 2019 - 04:17 PM

New batch of Firefly Guitars are up on Amazon


All the semihollow models sold out.  This current batch are all LP Jr. type guitars, with a single P90 pickup.


LP Jr. singlecut in blue, for $120


LP Jr. singlecut in gold, for $120


LP Jr. singlecut in white, for $120


LP Jr. doublecut in silverburst, for $130


For whatever reason, their photos always look washed out.  I think the blue will look a little more like pelham blue.

And chances are that these will sell out within a week's time.  :lol:

UPDATE 07/20/19

They added two more:

LP Jr. doublecut in yellow, for $130


LP Jr. doublecut in white, for $130



The "RoseDay" sale at Sam Ash is LIVE again!


-2nd chance at those savings

-and it's still stacking with the discounted price on those Epiphones 8-)

-one spot says the sale is good for the 20th & 21st, but another says it ends @ 11:59pm Eastern.  Play it safe and get your orders in today.


Last but not least, the Couch Guitar Strap sale has been extended to this Sunday, 07/21/19, @ 3pm Pacific.


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Posted 24 July 2019 - 09:13 PM

New Eastwood Guitars sale/promo


Received an email offer, but think it should work for anyone using the above link.

Sale ends this Saturday at midnight Eastern time

-20% off the select models in the link, using coupon code "PYW20NOW"


-10% off & Zero%interest payment plan, for the same select models in the link (no coupon code for this, just use the link)


There's a little bit of everything: 6 sting, 12 string, bass guitars, resonator, lap steel and... the BreadWinner 8-)

But I do think it's limited to the finish/color listed in the description of each model.


The Jeff Senn Continental and Sidejack baritone both caught my eye, but I'll be sitting this out.

Good Luck and if you buy one...  :beer:

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Posted 10 August 2019 - 02:48 AM

FYI:  the Firefly 335 clones are back up on Amazon


-current choices are Blueburst, transparent Red, Sunburst and glossy Black

-$140 for each


And if you don't mind shopping away from the safety of Amazon's site, Firebrand has set up their own site to sell direct:


-their personal site has some thinline telecaster clones available (matte black, green and sunburst)

-the price they show will jump up once they add shipping, so you should end up at a comparable price (per model) to what's shown on Amazon

-btw, peeps are saying the pickguard on the tele is a regular white guard covered with a sticker :lol: . Hey, can't expect the best of the best at these prices ;)


And Iconian, via SD, has posted another Adorama deal

Fender Am.Pro stratocaster for $1099, in Lake Placid Blue


-use code "SUMMERFUN" to get the discounted price

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Posted 10 August 2019 - 04:05 AM

That lake placid blue is sho nuff nice.

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Posted 13 August 2019 - 03:49 PM

Eastwood Guitars 20% off sale, on all Lefty Guitars in stock


-use code "LHDAY20"

-sale valid today only

-celebration of Int'l Left-Handers Day (didn't know that was a thing... but OK)


... and in keeping with the spirit of Int'l Lefty Day,

here are a bunch of Gibson guitars& basses on sale @ American Musical Supply


-more than a couple of lefty models included in this sale

-starting at $599