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Today (Sat) @ Meijer (offline only): 20% off games and PSN, Nintendo, MS points cards

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 05:11 AM

Santa Bucks have arrived again! Santa Bucks give you an instant $2 off per $10 of one item’s price, in $10 increments. That means $4 off one $20 item, $6 off $30, etc., immediately—no messing around with gift cards or coupons for future visits. You can use them on any general merchandise, which includes video games and controllers but more importantly PSN, Nintendo, and Microsoft points cards. I don’t know of a better (or any other) discount on PSN and Nintendo points cards. Paying $16 for $20 worth of download credit, or $40 for $50, makes me happy. (Meijer does charge tax on Nintendo points cards, but not on PSN and Microsoft points cards.) On top of that, they don’t restrict you to one coupon per trip, meaning download fans like me can stock up.

I always buy my cards from the electronics cashiers. Note that cashier reactions vary. Some don’t expect the coupons to work on the cards; I ask them to try anyway and they’ve worked every promo thus far. Some will make you tear out the coupons, one per card if buying multiple, but most stores have stacks of the ad near the entrance, so it only costs you a little walking. Usually they just take a copy of the ad and scan the coupon code for each card, ringing them up on the same receipt without any complaint. I have bought several cards per trip during each of the last four or five promos and have never had a problem.

Last year they ran this promo three times before the new year, but I don’t have insider information, so shop now if you like the deal.

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Posted 26 November 2011 - 05:17 AM

I don’t know if Meijer considers iTunes gift cards as general merchandise. If anybody tries them, please report back.

I thought about reformatting my post for the next time this promo rolls around. Does our CAGs read paragraphs or should I boil it down to bullet points?