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Mass Effect 2 and Medal of Honor PC Download $4.99/each @ Gamefly

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Posted 10 February 2012 - 11:26 PM


In case you missed (or didn't have a coupon) during the 2.99 sale for Medal of Honor at Amazon, here's another chance to pick up cheap.

Personally I rather enjoyed it. Not a big fan of the MP though, as it seemed to try to get COD speed with the Battlefield'ish engine. Combo doesn't work for me... Regardless there is a decent (albeit short) campaign, and the arcade mode is good fun too.

Mass Effect 2 is also on sale for $4.99, I have no more excuses to pass on it. Had it on the 360 for ages, started multiple times, always got distracted...no more..dammit...

Also of note, current Gamefly members do get whatever % discount they have with the service. Can't use rewards coupons though.

I redeemed both codes (well, 3 including the Cerebus network) via Origin, with absolutely no problems. You *may* need the Gamefly client to get your keys, but hell if you are a member there are some decent "free" games to make it worth your while.

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