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Sony Rewards Blu-ray/DVD Points thread

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 07:22 PM

I figured I'd create a thread in the movie section for Sony's Reward system. Everytime you buy a Sony Blu-ray or DVD it comes with a code that allows you to register your disc at sonyrewards.com. You get 30 points per BD, 15 points per DVD, and if you're a Sony Cardholder you get 45 points, and 25 points respectively. Registration is completely free.

Now the best part about this is the codes are multi-use. So anyone who buys a Sony pictures studio movie can pass along their code in this thread. I've made it a Wiki thread so you can easily add your code to the list. Please post in the thread which code you've added as well, thanks.


Here's the current list of eligible movies and some points to get things rolling:

21 Jump Street (Blu-ray) - SCZL9CH7
21 Jump Street (DVD) - WZNNNVBC
30 Minutes or Less (Blu-ray) - X862S38Y
30 Minutes or Less (DVD) - WZNNNVBC
Anonymous (Blu-ray) - WVKA3DTU
Anonymous (DVD) - 3HUF3GLW
Arthur Christmas (Blu-ray) - 5DGDZWDQ
Arthur Christmas (Blu-ray) - 5DGDZWDQ
Arthur Christmas (DVD) - ZCD29BMF
Attack the Block (Blu-ray) - 6AQAVJUQ
Attack the Block (DVD) - A27QFMGA
Bad Teacher (Blu-ray) - 7AL38LBD
Bad Teacher (DVD) - MVDPEBTT
Colombiana (Blu-ray) - CDQA55JB
Colombiana (DVD) - CBFTB636
Community Season 3 (DVD) - K6EBUP7C
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (Blu-ray) - LSBGNH7W
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark (DVD) - YWP2Y476
Drive (Blu-ray) - J5DFP2NJ
Drive (DVD) - CF2EL2GN
Evil Dead (Blu-Ray) - TX58L9CK **Added August 1st**
Evil Dead (DVD)
Friends With Benefits (Blu-ray) - F5HZEFTZ
Friends With Benefits (DVD) - F4Z6GSZC
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (Blu-ray) -F4Z6GSZC
Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (DVD) - X862S38Y
Here Comes the Boom (Blu-ray) - DVN4VSX2
Here Comes the Boom (DVD) - 49N79X8J
Hotel Transylvania (3D Blu-Ray) - RHHYNSTV
Hotel Transylvania (Blu-Ray) -RHHYNSTV
Hotel Transylvania (DVD) - 5YCBZ5QW
House of Cards: Season One (Blu-Ray)
House of Cards: Season One (DVD)
Jack and Jill (Blu-ray) - UJ7GL49G
Jack and Jill (DVD) - JQWP9NG3
Lawrence of Arabia (blu-ray) - None included
Lawrence of Arabia (blu-ray) - None included
Looper (Blu-ray) - P2YNSA48
Looper (DVD) - XPXQT87A
Men in Black 3 (Blu-ray 3D) - E5XXPR5S
Men in Black 3 (Blu-ray) - E5XXPR5S
Men in Black 3 (DVD) N5C4GP87
Midnight in Paris (Blu-ray) - 3N5Y9HV8
Midnight in Paris (DVD) - 5PR7G2G9
Moneyball (Blu-ray) - F34M8D9M
Moneyball (DVD) -3GPWGQHQ
Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Blu-ray) - M6ZYVJN9
Olympus Has Fallen (Blu-ray) - UEDXHUCF **Added August 16th**
Olympus Has Fallen (DVD)
Parker (Blu-Ray) - 8C66GFDX
Parker (DVD) - LJHL9A5H
Premium Rush (Blu-ray) - 3YMXGWV6
Premium Rush (DVD) - BZFR2RUW
Resident Evil: Damnation (Blu-ray) - S89JD2H5
Resident Evil: Retribution (Blu-ray 3D) - NB8TAN49
Resident Evil: Retribution (Blu-ray) - NB8TAN49
Resident Evil: Retribution (DVD) - 88BPYQTG
The Smurfs (Blu-ray) - PS4R328Q
The Smurf's (DVD) - SCZL9CH7
Seven Psychopaths (Blu-ray) - K9VMX5AS
Seven Psychopaths (DVD) - CRDC8VJ8
Sparkle (Blu-ray) - RLM53UN2
Sparkle (DVD) 5VYARBTQ
Straw Dogs (Blu-ray) - NE3FG9XZ
Straw Dogs (DVD) - SJBHW3ZB
That's My Boy (Blu-ray) - SKWJ5Y9T
That's My Boy (DVD) -- C5ANM4YH
The Amazing Spider-Man (Blu-ray 3D 3 Discs) - ZTAHMQS8
The Amazing Spider-Man (Blu-ray 3D 4-Discs) - ZTAHMQS8
The Amazing Spider-Man (Blu-ray) - ZTAHMQS8
The Amazing Spider-Man (DVD) - CRJBXWYC
The Call (Blu-Ray)
- 2RUTZ355
The Call (DVD)
The Guns of Navarone (Blu-ray) - GA4F3CC6
The Ides of March (Blu-ray) - 5W5FVRVT
The Ides of March (DVD) - 5EHN9GAX
The Pirates! Band of Misfits (Blu-ray) - UU9W7CJY
The Pirates! Band of Misfits (DVD) - VC9XH3H2
The Rum Diary (Blu-ray)- QJGKQSAU
The Rum Diary (DVD) - DRY7R5XP
The Vow (Blu-ray) - F34M8D9M
The Vow (DVD) - CBFTB636
Think Like A Man (Blu-ray) - BUMA6F6D
Think Like A Man (DVD) - 2Q4VF9JB
Total Recall (Blu-ray 3-discs) - DMB2YX8F
Total Recall (Blu-Ray) - DMB2YX8F
Total Recall (DVD) - 7x7262J8
Underworld: Awakening (Blu-ray) - YWP2Y476
Underworld: Awakening (DVD) - Q9GXM39H
Zero Dark Thirty (Blu-ray) - UKF9PZ8Y
Zero Dark Thirty (DVD) - 8BS7GBN5
Zookeeper (Blu-ray) - JQ9H9YG5
Zookeeper (DVD) - 2M75JW64


It is 10 disk registrations in a ROLLING 30 day period with a maximum of 3 disk registrations per day
Red = Titles that are either not released yet, or no code has been posted for it

So that's 945 points so far (1465 for cardholders). Feel free to post any for other movies listed there! Eventually we can earn enough to get some movies and other rewards from their site \\ :D/

Also I do realize there is a Sony Reward thread in the PS3 section, but it's a bit of a mess with movie codes posted here and there. I figured since this is a movie section it's best to have them all neatly organized in a centralized section.

(credit to the folks at Blu-ray.com for some of these codes)
Other ways to earn points


Get up to 250 points for playing the Elysium game. You don't actually have to play, just hit the Share link found on the page (under the game window) login to get 50 points, share on fb for another 200:
Get Up to 250 Points by playing the White House Down game. 50 Points for playing, another 200 for sharing on FB: http://www.whitehous...etservice/?sr=1
Wheel of Fortune Game for 10 pts:

Answers for Wheel of Fortune are posted here daily right at the top of the page:


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Posted 28 March 2012 - 08:46 PM

Whoa nice - thanks for this! I stopped doing Sony Rewards a while back cause I was tired of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Lets see how many points I get from the above...

We could make a note of the date each code was added so people who are starting today fresh would then be able to continue with all the codes available since the last time they came to this thread. Or just indicate which ones have been updated here. Maybe even link to the Br forum thread? I hope a bunch more codes are found soon. I had 131 and so now have 771.

Here is the other thread forum.blu-ray.com/showthread.php?t=195446
Added these two from that site

And here is the CAG original cluttered thread http://www.cheapassg...ad.php?t=210332

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