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CAG Database Proposal

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Posted 08 May 2012 - 11:53 AM

After posting in the thread about The Adventures of Tintin game (which I may or may not ever actually buy), an idea came to me:

Why isn't there a seperate thread/topic for every single game that is released domestically?

Woudn't it be easier to just find the game you want by looking quickly at the thread title, instead of hoping and praying it pops up cheaper some time down the road? The OP could be wiki'd, and multi platform titles would be condensed into one thread only (to save on a bit of clutter/overlap).

Since this site already has the Price Tracker, couldn't it be modified to search for the latest prices on pretty much any game? Most of the legwork could be done automatically (unless I'm overstating it's ability here - if I am, I apologize in advance).

And instead of clogging up the video game deals forum with multiple posting of the same deal, CAGs could just pop over to this database and check the latest prices for whatever title they desire.

So.....good idea? Bad idea? Lemme have it!