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Tekken Hybrid PS3 Review - LENGHTY ABOUT 1200 or so words

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Posted 26 July 2012 - 06:32 PM

Tekken fans have you been missing something awesome to play on your PS3? Would
you like to play your copy of Tekken Tag Tournament from the PS2 on your PS3
but can't since there's no BC anymore? Well now you can!

Let the Tournament begin! For a third time. This time in HD!!!

Tekken Tag Tournament was and is my favorite Tekken game. I use to play it in
the Arcade for hours everyday! It was different because I don't remember there
being any 2 on 2 Tag fighting games. Also your characters while they are on
the sidelines heal up and get a damage boost when your active character takes
damage. It's a really great fighting system and now you can play it on your

Tekken Tag Tournament (TTT) was given an HD facelift and I'll admit it looks
pretty dang good. It doesn't and would never look as good as other fighting
games from this generation like Tekken 6 but what do you expect from an HD
version of a PS3 fighting game. Sometimes the characters and environments can
look a little blocky but other than that animations are mostly crisp and
flowing pretty well.

As far as the sounds go (voice, music) nothing here has been altered or
changed and it's a good thing. Sometimes things that get changed "For the
better" hurt it more than help it. The sounds of Tekken Tag Tournament makes
you relieve the great sound of yesteryear and it floods my brain from memories
of playing this in an Arcade and on my PS2.

if you've never play Tekken Tag Tournament then your in for a trade because it
doesn't have a few modes to play, it's pack with game modes from Arcade to
survival all the way to Tekken Bowl! Yes you heard it correctly! Tekken Bowl
is a bowling game in TTT. You choose 2 characters to bowl and you play a round
of bowling. Now while this game is great, you don't have the ability to change
some options like how many games to play. You play one round of bowling to try
to top the list, after the game is over your back at the main menu and you
have to click on Tekken Bowl again. despite this it's still a crazy good game
that seems like an odd addition to the game. There really is no story per Se,
mostly cinematics that play after the Arcade mode is cleared. One thing that
is missing from this but it doesn't bother me is online games. Now I'm not a
game creator so i don't know how it works but I think that it would’ve taken
too much time to make this complete package and work on their new game Tekken
Tag Tournament 2. (Which will probably contain online gameplay)

Replay ability in my opinion is not as good as it once was on the PS2 because
they "cheated" let me explain. Tekken Tag Tournament on the PS2 made you play
the game over and over again to unlock hidden characters. The more you play
the more characters and modes (Like Tekken Bowl) were unlocked. I don't like
that fact that everything is unlocked from the beginning because working hard
at TTT and getting to know the ins and outs really hooked me into the game.
With that said this is still the same killer game that was released as a
system launch lineup title, that still can hold it's own against many fighting
games to have come out in the previous years.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Prologue is a fancy way of saying DEMO. While it's not
as robust as Gran Turismo 5's demo, it's still a great example of what we
should be expecting from Tekken. You can only play as 4 characters (The main 4
focal points of the movie which is on the Disc) Xiaoyu, Alisa, Devil Jin, and
Kazuya. The sounds of the demo are amazing the gameplay is good, (wish they
could have added 2 more characters) and most importantly the graphics and how
smooth they are is just gorgeous. Not once did I feel that I was experiencing
and kind of slowdowns even with full on attacking from me and from my
opponents. The characters designs are stunning from how fluid the characters
and their cloths move to how they react at certain times.


Seriously people??? was it really that hard to include a move list so I'm not
have to spam buttons to randomly do something cool? If they demo had this it
would be a really awesome fighter demo with amazing character details and

Instead it's a really good demo showcasing character details, sound and
graphics but lacking on the learning curve of the fighting.

Tekken Blood Vengeance movie in my opinion (I've never seen any of the other
movies and stuff) is a decent movie despite what other people say. Is it true
that there is sparse action throughout some parts of the movie, yes. However
it's important to note that even though Tekken is a game series they've done a
great job of character development in their games and they want to project
that into the movie. The story is a tad on the weak side too, but only because
it was made simply to bridge the events of Tekken 5 to Tekken 6. Basically the
plot of the movie is Jin Kazama and Kazuya Mishima are trying trying to gather
Intel about a mysterious student named Shin Kamiya. There's more to the plot
but that's the meat of the plot right there. I'm really glad I gave this movie
a shot because even though the plot was a little on the eh side it was still a
stunning piece of CGI with good character development and a decent amount of
action to keep you hooked through the movie. Also please make note that this

movie is not just in 2D but in 3D as well. Make sure that when you select 3D that
you have a 3D TV. I don't so I didn't use that option!

All-in-all this is a great deal if your a tekken fan or just want to try one
of the greatest fighting games that came out on the PS2. Even though this game
has it's flaws (and seriously what games don't have flaws?) they negative
points I made are so outweighed by the positive ones that this is certainly
the best gaming package I've ever had the pleasure to pick up and it certainly
won't be the last one!

on a scale of 1-10 I gave this complete package a 8.6/10.

While there are really great things about this the lack of more than 4
characters, and no movie list really hurts the demo's score. The movie
could have a few more parts of action into it to make it more rounded.
The fact that everything is unlocked at the start doesn't make me want to play it endlessly like I've done on the PS2 is also a con for this as well!

If your a Tekken fan and most importantly a Tekken Tag Tournament Fan, than
this is perfect for you!

More can be found on my video game backlog blog on blogger, I have 4 other rievews there (PSone, GBA, PS2) and more coming soon