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Free ShopRunner subscription--Works with Newegg, TRU, Drugstore etc.

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Posted 02 August 2012 - 06:35 AM

I don't know if anyone posted this, so I figured I would. You can get four months free, for nothing, and and extra free year, with three purchases, using ShopRunner as the shipping method. I'm pretty sure it's two day shipping, just like the Prime service at Amazon, on all eligible orders.

Sign up here:


After signing up, go to your Account, at the top right, and in your Account, on the left side of the screen, you will see links to the different account features. Look under "ShopRunner Central," and go to "Manage Accounts." I think that's what it was called, anyway. Either way, you want to go to "ShopRunner Central," and link a yahoo or google email. I don't know if the link you click will be called "Manage Accounts" or not, since you wouldn't have linked the email yet, but it will be under "ShopRunner Central."

After linking the email, and getting the additional three months free, they give you a deal, where if you make three purchases, using their service, within the 90 period, they give you an additional year free.

I just got the three months, and I had an order I waited on, so I split that order up into three shipments to see if I could get the year. They won't be in the system until tomorrow, but I'm just wondering if they'll actually only count shippments during the 90 days, or if these will work. I'll update when it happens, just to inform anyone.