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CAGcast #299: Dem Vault Symbolz

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 06:32 PM

The difference with those titles are they expected to sell well and companies are offering gift cards because of competition and/or the game companies are subsidizing some of it (Doubt it). I believe Wal-Mart.com started the GC/promo war recently and Amazon started the first war years ago.

Basically Best Buy wants you to go to their store and buy other shit outside of the game (hence a gift card) and hope to make a few $ in profit when all is said and done. Amazon wants you to buy more shit to. Being a CAG we are somewhat evil if we don't "'overspend"' on Amazon products after getting promo credit and up just spending what we get in Amazon promo credit alone.

Why incentivize something that's going to sell well already? My issue is that I perceive retailers are using the same method (gift cards/credit) based on different expectations for each game and conditions within the market. Without having the information that retailers/publishers have that they base their expectations on, it difficult for me to attribute why X game is getting an incentive while game Y is getting is getting one as well. That's where my confusion of not seeing a difference stems from.

As far as publishers subsidizing these incentives, if this article is believed to be true, I can't see retailers forfeiting most/all of their margin. There has to be some kickback from the publishers if a retailer buys some amount of a title.

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 07:03 PM

Note to Wombat: every game in the AC series has gone on sale during holiday sales season or before mid January. If there's a game to hold off on buying this fall, it's Assassin's Creed 3. As much as I enjoy the series, I know I'm willing to wait.

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Posted 08 October 2012 - 09:25 PM

Interesting to hear Wombat musing getting a gaming laptop. I looked at a Lenovo Y580, but ended up with a custom Sager like sold by XoticPC and LPC-Digital. I just couldn't shell out $2200 for a 15" Macbook Pro--that's crazy prices for a machine that can't be upgraded or even have the battery changed.

The Y580 is a great PC I was able to snag one for $450. If wombat got one of those he would be able to run most of the games out there on high-to- ultra settings.

Borderlands does cast a long shadow, but there was lots of interest in Xcom at PAX. I think that it will do well--not a huge hit, for sure--but well--but that 2k is planting seeds for Xcom to come back as a big franchise. Certainly their Steam promo where everybody who pre-orders also gets Civ V for free has been a hit!

I feel like X-com will do well on the PC but will flounder on the consoles, most of the fan base are still probably PC gamers. I think the reason it's coming out on the consoles is to establish name recognition, so the FPS game ( the one that started this whole revival of the series) which will probably be pushed back till the next gen, will have a chance.

Forgive me if I have a little nuance to my worldview, and am not a black/white ideologue who can't grasp complexity.


This is perhaps the most ironic thing I have ever seen on CAG.


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Posted 09 October 2012 - 03:37 AM

I really enjoyed the "bargain bin" predictions & is something I would like through out the entire holiday season.Not everybody can get every game that comes out in the 3 months coming up.With Cheapy's resources & the gangs experience could you do this weekly as the game release or a more thorough list. Examples would be COD never goes on sale where as AC games usually have a Black Friday discount.It would truly give us CAG's some good insight & planning for the season.

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 08:27 AM

No clue what vault symbols shipwreck is talking about either cheapy. And Cheapy, you and your wife could be retired in boring Hawaii for the rest of your lives if you want to right?

Well, if you go through the list of challenges for each area you see the Vault Symbols are in pretty much every area. That's how I first found out about them and then I went to try to find them. I had seen one before but just thought it was part of the background - I didn't realize you could "discover" it (by pressing 'X'). There are 5 of them just in Sanctuary by the way. Some of them are deviously hidden. I'm wondering which one Ship is talking about that might require 2 players. I'd be up for helping you with that one Ship.

I was right about Shipwreck and Dem Vault Symbolz! Don't forget the hidden ECHOs, they have a bit of backstory for different characters. Some of the other challenges are fun and quirky. But the game does hold a lot of secrets like Minecraft, Seven (the movie), or other minor references like Commando shouting you get a bullet and you get a bullet.

Yeah, and supposedly also in the Caustic Caverns (where the Minecraft easter egg is), there is a Dark Souls area (complete with bonfire and soul form character you can talk to). But it requires a lengthy slog through the acid to discover it (very fitting). I have yet to get there myself as I need a higher level/better shield I think.

I completely get what Wombat and Ship are saying about hurrying through levels when playing online coop. I played a few games and sort of had the same issue. Of course it was worse because I couldn't get my headphone/headset mic to work so I couldn't communicate with them either. I think if you could talk to each other you wouldn't feel the need to rush so much though. And I'd think it would common curtesy to let the host have first chance at the loot so you shouldn't have to rush for that either. (I was also playing late at night so talking would have to be at a minimum anyway since the other 6 members of my family were sound asleep ;) - which is why I have to use my headphones then).

Wombat or Ship - if you guys want to play on 360 let me know. I love taking my time through areas and looking for all the goodies (loot, Vault symbols, etc). I think I just play at completely different times from Ship, though. For example, I'm probably going to go play now (2am Pacific). I've only ever seen him online and playing the game once and given how much he says he plays it we must always miss each other. And I was only online that one time that he was so I could enter a Shift code (for a golden key) since they are only valid for a few hours.

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Posted 10 October 2012 - 07:22 PM

Wombat was asking on twitter for favorite cagcast moments. Here are some of my favorites:
#138 @ 30:00 - Cheapy waxes philosophical on gaming and Wombat shoots him down
#148 @ 1:05:40 - Cheapy gets exasperated at Wombat
#218 @ 8:30 - 'So get in there'
#226 @ 25:20 - Wombat on meds gives a public service announcement

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Posted 10 October 2012 - 07:42 PM

Show 299 was a great CAGcast, as always. It was very entertaining. Early congratulations on hitting podcast #300! I'd like to reward each of you with 20 Microsoft points ;-)

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Posted 12 October 2012 - 06:33 PM

Show Notes

3:30 Thug Life: Iphone 5
6:15 Watch This: Real Steel
9:00 Watch This: Elite Squad: The Enemy Within
10:30 Watch This: The Dark Knight Returns
13:30 Superman vs The Elite
14:45 Show Feedback: Multiplayer rushing, Borderlands 2
19:30 Show Feedback: Episode 300
21:00 New Releases
21:15 Resident Evil 6
26:45 NBA 2K13
31:00 War of the Roses
34:00 Ruff Trigger
35:00 Nights: Into Dreams
36:00 FTL
39:45 News: CliffyB leaves Epic
41:00 Capcom breaks shipped numbers record with RE6
42:30 Games that may get overlooked this winter: X-Com, Dishonored, Medal of Honor, Epic Mickey 2, Hitman
52:00 Microsoft birthday promotion
56:00 Playstation Mobile exists
1:00:30 Jewel Factory
1:02:45 Cagbag
1:02:45 Desire to move back?
1:03:45 Borderlands 2 season pass
1:06:15 Gaming laptops vs desktops

This list is really helpful, since I really don't care for listening to the movie talk.

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Posted 13 October 2012 - 01:44 PM

Just wondering did Wombat or Cheapy D check out the new show called Arrow about the DC character The Green Arrow?