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Selling off some of my duplicate classic and current games

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Posted 20 October 2012 - 12:14 AM

Selling off some of my duplicate games, offering them to CAG’s before I put them on ebay.

Buy 10+ games from the list and I will give you 10% off the total price!

I will charge actual shipping from 63303 zip code.

You can check out my ebay feedback here:

All games have been tested on my personal systems. Many of the games have been cleaned by me.
On all games I have tested load up, start, and spent a few minutes playing the game.
If a second disk is included it has not been tested, since it likely doesn’t come into play until later in the game.
If you want to see a picture of an item simply let me know.

I will accept returns up to 7 days after you receive the item, unless its marked AS-IS.
It will require you ship the game back to me at your cost, as long as the item has not been significiantly damaged, ill refund the price.

Thanks for looking...Bob

Space Ace-complete $10

Atari 2600
Atari 2600 6 knob wood grain console-not working AS-IS 10
Includes Combat and Pac-Man-carts only

Atari 5200
Frogger-cart only-not tested 3
Frogger-cart only-not tested 3

Adam Computer Module and Keyboard-unable to test-only those two pieces, yellowed and in rough shape-AS IS $5

Untested VIC-20 in box-missing power supply
Untested loose VIC-20
Commodore 64-no video-has power supply
Take all three AS-IS for $12

Space Battle-box, cart, and manual-missing overlays 3

Castlevania-cart only 8
Tengen Gauntlet-cart only 6
Metroid-cart only 8
10 NES plastic game cases(2 Blue)(9 of them are official Nintendo) 10

Arkanoid-cart only 4
Batman Returns-cart only(sticker residue on label and name on back) 4
Battleclash-cart only 4
BlackThorne-cart only 6
Buster Busts Loose!-cart only 4
Clayfighter-cart only(some label damage) 4
Darius Twin-cart only 4
Disney’s Jungle Book-cart only(some label fading) 3
Donkey Kong Country-cart only(sticker residue on label) 8
Family Dog-cart only 4
Frogger-cart only 4
Jurassic Park-cart only(label is very worn) 3
Mario Paint-cart only 4
Mario Paint-cart only 4
Metal Combat:Falcon’s Revenge-cart only 4
Mortal Kombat-cart only 4
Spiderman/X-Men:Arcade’s Revenge-cart only(label is worn) 4
Super Battleship-cart only(some label damage) 3
Super Black Bass-cart only 4
Wario’s Woods-cart only 4

N64 Translucent Green console-works-has power supply and a/v cable-no controller 20
N64 Black console-works-has power supply and a/v cable-no controller 15

Nintento Gamecube
Harvest Moon:Another Wonderful Life-case and CD only 6

Nintendo DS
Deal or No Deal-complete 4

Odyssey 2
Odyssey 2 Console in box-not working-includes power and tv cable-connected controllers AS-IS 10
Take the console and ill throw in all the below for $25
Alien Invaders Plus!-cart only 3
Cosmic Conflict!-cart only 3
Freedom Fighters!-cart only 3
Invaders from Hyperspace!-cart only 3
K.C. Munchkin!-cart only 5
Out of this World!/Helicopter Rescue!-cart only 3
Showdown in 2100 A.D.-cart only 3
Speedway!/Spin-Out!/Crypto-Logic!-cart only 3
Sub Chase!/Armored Encounter!-cart only 3
Take the Money and Run!-cart only 3
UFO!-cart only 3
Volleyball!-cart only 3
War of Nerves!-cart only 3

Sega Master System
Afterburner-complete 4
Afterburner-complete 4
Cyborg Hunter-complete 6
Double Dragon-case and cart only 4
F-16 Fighting Falcon-complete 4
Ghostbusters-cart only(some wear on top of label) 3
Great Baseball-complete 3
Hang-On/Astro Warrior-complete 4
Outrun-complete 4
Outrun-complete 4
Outrun-complete(damaged case and insert) 3
Rampage-complete 5
Space Harrier-case and cart only 4
Wonder Boy in Monster Land-case and cart only 6

Sega Genesis
Desert Strike-complete 5
Disney’s Aladdin-complete 4
Disney’s Beauty and the Beast:Roar of the Beast-case and cart only 4
F-22 Interceptor-complete 4
Lightening Force-complete(case ripped) 6
MERCS-complete(case plastic ripped on spine) 3
Mortal Kombat-complete 4
Mortal Kombat II-case and cart only 4
Ms. Pac-Man-complete 5
NHL 95-complete(some case damage) 1
Pitfall the Mayan Adventure-complete 4
Pitfall the Mayan Adventure-cart only(label dirty) 1
Rambo III-complete(some insert damage) 6
Rocket Knight Adventures-case and cart only 4
Sonic Spinball-case and cart only 4
Sonic the Hedgehog-complete 4
Sonic the Hedgehog-case and cart only 3
Sonic the Hedgehog 2-case and cart only 3
Star Trek:TNG Echoes from the Past-complete(some case damage) 5
Star Trek:TNG Echoes from the Past-cart only(label dirty) 1
Street Fighter II:Special Championship Edition-case and cart only 4
Streets of Rage 2-case and cart only 4
Super Battleship(Paper Outer Box)-complete 4
T2:The Arcade Game:case and cart only(case is splitting) 4
The Ren & Stimpy Show:Stimpy’s Invention-complete 5
Toe Jam & Earl:Panic on Funkotron-case and cart only(gash on front of plastic) 6

Sega CD
Afterburner III-CD and manual only 4
Bill Walsh College Football-complete(damaged case sticker residue) 1
Championship Soccer 94-complete-very rare, last game I got to complete my collection(lower half of front and back of manual has been cut) 15
Cliffhanger-complete(damaged case sticker residue) 3
Double Switch-complete(damaged case) 4
Eternal Champions-complete(case cracked) 4
FIFA International Soccer-complete(case cracked) 3
Formula One-complete(damaged case) 3
Jeopardy-complete(cracked case) 3
Jeopardy-complete(cracked case) 3
Joe Montana’s NFL Football-complete(damaged case) 1
Joe Montana’s NFL Football-complete(damaged case) 1
Lethal Enforcers-CD only 2
Lethal Enforcers II:Gun Fighters-complete(case cracked) 6
Microcosm-case and CD only(damaged case) 3
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers-complete(damaged case) 4
National Hockey Night-complete(damaged case and manual) 1
NFL Football Trivia Challenger-complete(damaged case) 1
NFL’s Greatest:SF vs. Dallas 1978-1993-complete(damaged case and manual) 1
NHL 94-complete(case cracked) 3
Power Monger-complete(damaged case) 6
Prince of Persia-CD and manual only 4
Racing Aces-complete 4
Road Avenger-CD and manual only 4
Sewer Shark-CD only 1
Sewer Shark-CD only 1
Slam City-CD and case only 2
Soul Star-complete 6
Stellar Fire-complete(damaged case) 4
Sunday Night NFL-complete(damaged case water damage and torn manual) 1
The Adventures of Batman and Robin-complete(damaged case) 4
The Adventures of Batman and Robin-complete(damaged case) 4
The Terminator-complete(cracked case) 4
Tomcat Alley-complete(damaged case) 3
Trivial Pursuit-complete 4
Ultraverse Prime-CD only 1
Wheel of Fortune-complete(damaged case) 4

Sega Saturn
P.T.O. II-complete 15
Resident Evil-complete(sticker residue on case, tear on bottom of manual) 15

Sega Dreamcast
Aerowings-complete(case cracked) 4
Centipede-complete 4
D2-sealed 20
Dead or Alive 2-complete(case cracked) 4
Deep Fighter-complete 4
Draconus-CD only in sonic adventure case) 4
Hoyle Casino-complete 4
Illbleed-complete(sticker residue) 4
MDK 2-complete(cracked case) 4
Ms. Pac-Man:Maze Madness-complete 4
NFL2K1-complete 1
PenPen Trilcelon-complete 4
Phantasy Star Online-complete(sticker residue) 3
Rayman 2-CD only in correct case 4
Resident Evil:CODE Veronica-complete 6
Re-Volt-complete 4
Samba De Amigo-complete 4
Sega Rally 2-complete(cracked case) 3
SoulCalibur-complete(case cracked and sticker residue) 8
TeeOff-complete(sticker residue) 4
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six-complete 4
Toy Commander-complete(sticker residue) 4
Virtua Athlete 2000-complete(sticker residue) 3
Wild Metal-complete(sticker residue) 4

Playstation 1
Action Bass 4
Allied General-missing instructions 10
Apocalypse-complete(case cracked) 4
Asteroids-complete(case cracked) 4
Atari Anniversary Collection Edition Redux-complete(case cracked) 4
Battle Stations-missing instructions(cracked case) 3
Beyblade-complete 4
Bob the Builder:Can we fix it?-complete 3
Bust-A-Move ’99-complete 8
Casper:Friends Around the World-complete(sticker residue) 4
Championship Bass-complete 4
Croc:Legend of the Gobbos(Greatest Hits)-complete(case cracked and sticker residue) 4
Destruction Derby 2(Greatest Hits)-complete 4
Dexter’s Lab:Maddark’s Lab?-complete(damaged case) 4
Digimon Rumble Arena-complete 6
Driver-complete 4
Frogger 2:Swampy’s Revenge-complete(case cracked) 4
Grand Theft Auto 2(Greatest Hits)-complete 4
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone-complete 4
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone-complete 4
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone-complete(case cracked) 4
Jeopardy-complete(damaged case) 3
Kiss Pinball-complete(sticker residue) 4
Lost World Jurassic Park-missing instructions 4
MechWarrior 2-complete(cracked case sticker residue) 4
Metal Gear Solid-missing instructions 6
MIB the Series:Crashdown-complete(case damaged) 4
Monsters Inc:Scream Team-missing instructions 3
Namco Museum Volume 3(Greatest Hits)-complete 5
Namco Museum Volume 3(Greatest Hits)-complete 5
Namco Museum Volume 3(Greatest Hits)-complete(worn case) 5
Oddworld:Abe’s Oddysee(Greatest Hits)-complete 4
Pac-Man World-CD only 3
Pipe Dreams 3D-complete 4
Pitfall 3D-complete 4
Power Rangers:Time Force-complete 4
Pro Pinball Fantastic Journey-complete 4
Q*bert-missing instructions(cracked case) 4
Rageball-CD only 3
Rampage World Tour-complete 4
Red Alert Retaliation-complete(sticker residue) 6
Sabrina:A Twitch in Time!-complete 4
Sol Divide-complete(damaged case) 4
Spec Ops:Stealth Patrol-complete(case cracked) 4
Speed Punks-complete 4
Spice World-missing instructions 3
Spin Jam-complete 4
Spongebob Squarepants:Supersponge(Greatest Hits)-complete(case cracked sticker residue) 4
Spyro:Ripto’s Rage!-complete 4
Star Wars Dark Forces-complete(sticker residue) 6
Star Wars Demolition-complete 4
Star Wars Episode I Jedi Power Battles-complete(sticker residue) 4
Syndicate Wars-CD only 4
Tekken 3(Greatest Hits)-complete 4
Tetris Plus-complete(Greatest Hits) 4
The Dukes of Hazzard:Racing for Home(Greatest Hits)-complete 4
The Lion King:Simba’s Mighty Adventure-missing instructions(cracked case) 3
Tomb Raider III-complete 4
You Don’t Know Jack-complete 4

Playstation 2
Playstation 2 Console-not reading discs-power and a/v cables but no controllers AS-IS 10
Jak 3-complete 6
Jak and Daxter:The Precursor Legacy-complete 6
Jak II-complete 6
Looney Tunes:Space Race-complete 6
Rez-complete 20
The Powerpuff Girls:Relish Rampage-complete 6

Playstation 3
Hasbro Family Game Night 3-sealed 10

Texas Instruments
TI-99/4A Silver finish in original box-works-includes two power supplys, two paddle joystick controllers, two TV switchboxes, cables, and 4 games(Munch Man, Car Wars, Tombstone City, and Multiplication 1) $45

Dynasty Warriors 4-complete 6
Jade Empire-CD only in replacement case but has bonus content disc included 5
Midway Arcade Treasures 2-complete 6
MTV Music Generator-complete 4
NamcoMuseum-complete 6
Pirates:The Legend of Black Kat-complete(damaged case)6

XBOX 360
Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood-complete 10
Bioshock 2-sealed 9
Call of Duty:World at War 2-sealed 30
Guitar Hero World Tour-sealed 4
Hot Rod Face Plate-2

1503 A.D. The New World-complete in box 3
Aqua Nox-CD only 3
AD&D Birthright-complete in cracked jewel case 4
AD&D Blood & Magic-CD only 3
AD&D Dungeon Hack-CD only 3
Baldur’s Gate II Shadows of Amn Collectors Edition-complete 25
Battlecruiser Millennium-CD only 3
Crusader No Remorse-complete in big box 7
Crusader No Regret-complete in big box 7
Diablo-complete in jewel case 6
Dungeons-complete in box 8
Gamefest 14 Forgotten Realms Classics-complete in fold-out box 8
Half-Life Platinum Collection-complete in box 8
Half-Life 2 Episode One-complete in case 4
Heretic II-complete in jewel case 4
Inca II-complete in jewel case 3
Lords of Magic Special Edition-complete in jewel case 4
Mafia-complete in box 4
Mob Rule-complete in jewel case 4
Neverwinter Nights 2 Gold-complete in case) 8
Prince of Persia CD collection-complete in jewel case 4
Shadow Warrior-complete in jewel case 4
Sim Ant-complete in jewel case 5
Starcraft Prima Strategy Guide 1
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Expansion Pack-complete in jewel case 4
The Complete Ultima VII-CD only 8
The Dig-complete in jewel case 4
The Witcher-complete in case 6
Total Annihilation Kingdoms-complete in cracked jewel case 4

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Posted 20 October 2012 - 12:42 AM

PM sent

"The Absence of Evidence Is Not The Evidence of Absence"


Updated List- Rest of my collection is for sale!




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Posted 10 November 2012 - 02:01 AM

bump, still got quite a few games left, gonna put them on ebay next week if no CAGs are interested.

Thanks for looking.

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Posted 10 November 2012 - 02:34 AM

Can I see a picture of the ToeJam and Earl case?

Trade List - https://www.cheapass...cess-and-blood/

All the Sega games I own. Box 16,17,18 (updated 3/20/2015) - https://www.cheapass...-things-i-need/