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CAG PSN Gamesharing #5 - Find/Create a Gameshare Group and Gameshare FAQ

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 05:56 PM

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CAG Gamesharing FAQ

Q: How does gamesharing work?

A: It's simple. Once you buy a game, that game is tied to your PSN ID. Basically all you do is give someone your account info, and they click "download again." Both players will have the game, but remember, don't delete the account from your PSN, or the downloaded game will be gone!

Q: This whole gamesharing thing sounds sketchy to me. Is it legit?

A: From CheapyD, the man himself:

Approved by Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America

Sony announced that players who download games from PlayStation's online shop can share them on up to five other PS3 machines.

If a player logs into his PlayStation 3 account on a friend's system, he can download any game he has already purchased. "You can send that content to four other friends for that initial investment," said Tretton. "We want to get the game in as many hands as possible." "It's not about generating profits at each and every interaction with the consumer," he said. "I think that really offsets the argument that says, 'Wow, that's a really pricey system.'"

Q: Feedback should be left for this transaction, right?

A: No. Per Trading/Feedback rules and guidelines in the trading forum:

Trading on CAG is "at your own risk". However, there are some special cases where feedback is not allowed and engaging in this specific trading activity warrants a special warning. Onto the list :

Playstation 3 gamesharing. You are opening up your account to trouble here. You know the risks.

Q: Are there restrictions?

Downloadable PS Store content (DLC) is region locked, whether disc or digital download, you need it from the same region as your disc or psn version for it to work.


Region 1/NTSC: North & South America
Region 2/PAL: Europe, Australia, NZ
Region 3: Asia
Region 4: Japan

Q: What are the things you cannot gameshare?

Games such as:
GT prologue
SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Confrontation
some MMO's

Some DLC
Gran Turismo 5 DLC
Metal Gear Online Expansion packs

Videos and Avatars

Q: For games that aren't available in the US store, can you can play them on your main US account? Trophies, saves, etc aren't effected?

A: Yes. They will be saved under the user profile that you play them in.


PSN Download Sizes

Remember to have at least twice as much space available for the download part.


Changed or Lost Passwords
If anyone is uncomfortable with exposing their email, feel free to remove or obscure it with asterisks.


Whoever has a password please contact the user/s in parentheses. If you're not a host, don't let that stop you from helping another CAG


UK/EUROPE exclusive games (can still be gameshared and played on the main account)
EUR/UK store update:

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Posted 07 November 2012 - 05:57 PM

Phantom Share FAQ

Massive changes were announced on November 4, 2011 that have affected the gamesharing community. Gamesharing is still possible but operate quite differently now.

Changes include:

1) Content purchased AFTER 11/18/2011 will be limited to 2 system activations.
2) Content purchased BEFORE 11/18/2011 will still have 5 system activations
3) It is now possible to deactivate systems remotely* from your PS3 via Qriocity. (frees up activation slots held by bricked PS3s)
4) PS+ works in a similar fashion, everything downloaded before the 18th can be downloaded 5x, anything after can only be downloaded twice.

*This can only be done once every 6 months.


Different How Tos and Tips for gamesharing

How to Host a Gameshare Group:

1) Create a dummy email account*

2) Create a dummy PSN account (Qriocity.com has the easiest interface)**

*It is recommended that the password of the email and the PSN account are different and recorded somewhere safe. That way, account stealing will be easier to prevent.

**It is highly recommended that you write down the date of birth you used in the creation of the account. It is crucial in retrieving passwords.

Currently, all purchases made on PSN are tax-free, so put any address you want.

3a) Add your CC to the dummy account and purchase the agreed upon game.

3b) Buy a PSN card from your local retailer and redeem it in the newly created account.

Receive all the payment first before buying the game. Though it might slow the process down, it will keep you safe.


Don't even think about forgetting this step.

5) Share the game with your CAG buddies and enjoy the game!*

*Contact bastiartadi for more information on how to phantom share.


How to deactivate your PSN ID from your PS3:

1) Log-in your PS3 using the account you want to deactivate

2) To deactivate, go to Account Management -> System Activation -> PS3 System -> Games -> Deactivate

3) To delete your account from the PS3, go to Users on the far left side of the XMB and delete the user your PSN ID is attatched to.

Step 2 frees up one of the 2 (previously 5) possible shares on the PSN account.

Step 3 frees up one of the 16 maximum slots on your PS3.


Gamesharing 101

1) Never change the password for the account, so that the others could sell it when they do not need it anymore.

2) When sending payment (via PayPal I'm assuming), always type in your CAG username in the accompanying message.

3) You can only have a maximum of 16 user accounts in your PS3 and thus, only have a maximum of 15 game share accounts (15 plus your main account = 16). Deleting a user account will free up one of the 16 slots available for your PS3.

4) Games purchased on a game share account can be played on your main account. Great for trophy hunters.

5) Only 2 people can 'share' a PSN account (You and 1 other)

6) Always keep a text file of your username password so as you not forget them.


Got error code 80029780?



Limited Paypal Account:



How to show some love to your PS3 (aka the How to upgrade to a bigger hard drive)

PM bastiartadi.

He should be able to help you out in this department.

All credit for everything above this line goes to bastiartadi with some minor tweaks to update information..
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Posted 07 November 2012 - 05:58 PM

GS Library

Many members have very generously donated games to be enjoyed by the community for free!

Some rules:
  • Been part of the community for at least a few months.
  • Have participated in gamesharing at least a few times.
  • If there's someone else in the queue and you aren't playing the game, pass it on and put yourself back into the queue.
  • DO NOT change the account information in any way. This system can only be sustained with transparency and trust.

Check out the library here.
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