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Aeternum (XBLIG) + Lunatic Contest

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Nate Graves

Posted 03 December 2012 - 11:38 AM

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Brief preface: I had a hand in making the game, so if you guys have any questions, feel free. I did a search on XBLIG (Indie) titles to see if there was anything about them first and came up dry, so hopefully this is cool - I've played a ton of indie titles on the Ecks Bozz over the years, some of them are even good. If there's anything relevant to the CAG community, I'd figure XBLIG titles would be, so I'll admit I'm surprised I didn't see more on them.

Plus, the game is $1 (80 Microsoft Space Bucks) - so it doesn't get much more cheap ass than that.

Aeternum is, plain and simple, a bullet-hell shooter - there's bits and pieces culled from other games of this variety, but stuff like Touhou and Deathsmiles are probably the most relevant. If you like your shooters full of cats in teacups, yeah we got that B-Roll. We just launched a few days ago, and so far the response has been pretty good. And since, in addition to putting together what we think is a pretty bitching bullet bonanza - we want to give even more. So, we decided to put together a contest.

I'll be direct here: Aeternum is hard.

I mean, that's half the fun. The way all the sweat and terror and panic gives way to relief and victory when you finally manage to pull it off.

Because we know it's so hard, we're offering up a prize for the first person to show us they can really best the game. All you need to do, is record yourself doing a full play through of Aeternum on Demonic, with no continues (aka a full 1CC), post it to YouTube and let us know to have a look. The first person (or maybe a few people, who knows?) to do this will get a super special package shipped to them by Jesse Bishop himself. If you do it on Lunatic instead, we'll make the pot even sweeter.

Official Website

Gameplay (by yours truly) Hard

And here's another by Brooks Bishop, showing off what Lunatic looks like.Lunatic
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