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Anyone able to help me pick out a laptop?

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:08 AM

Ok... So, I am trying to buy my girlfriend a laptop for christmas.

My budget is $300 (But I would much prefer to go in at $250 or less). She doesn't do much other then surf the internet and play Sims 3 (So, it must be able to play Sims 3 + Expansions without issues).

Anybody have any good links?

Or would be willing to check my local craigslist, and point out anything that I should look into buying?

I found this (Lenovo G585), but just figured out it was the $199 BF deal from Amazon, and the reviews aren't all that kind. Is it worth picking up at $280?

I am sorry for asking for so much... I just don't know my laptops all that well (or computers in general.), and my friend who is a computer guy is too busy to help me make a good choice. Not to mention, I am running out of time to pick one up in time for Christmas!

Thanks for any and all help!!

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 09:50 AM

dump your gf save $300 imo
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Posted 14 December 2012 - 06:23 PM

If your girlfriend plays Sims 3 in a way that everything in game mimics everything in the real world, down to the house you live in, the same cat or dog running and/or non-existent future 'children' named after her dead parents... might be a deal breaker.

if your girlfriend plays Sims 3 by making lesbians, create hugely expensive castles with plasma tv's in every room and trap sims in a closed room with no doors or windows to kill them and make ghosts... marry her today and for christ sake, get her a better laptop to game more!

If anything, I would try to find a deal on an older AMD A6/A8 asus laptop if you can find a used/new one for under $300, otherwise try to stick with intel cpu's with HD 2000 or 3000 gpu's to get the most out of 'gaming potential' in this cheaper than cheap laptop price range. I'd stay away from E-350's as their HD 6310 gpu core is slower than the HD 2000 chips found in entry level pentiums in this price range.

I'd also suggest keeping a keen eye on slicksdeals.net for laptop sales as I've seen awesome deals from frys.com, tigerdirect, newegg, bestbuy and so many others in the 200-300 price range that would have fit your bill recently. Granted you missed out on the biggest sales holiday during black friday weekend, but christmas sales should be kicking up a gear by next week so if you can hold out, I'd say hold out for a deal on a better laptop.
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