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I Want to start a Fun Gamers Group

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 06:33 AM

So I've been playing Halo 4 A LOT and Black Ops 2 ...and there is one common theme...NOBODY uses mics and NOBODY uses teamwork. Which is super sad to me, because I got Xbox Live on Day one. Everyone had mics, used team work, and had fun. Now everyone is so focused on their K/D ratio teamwork goes out the window, and the sad part is when me and my friends played Halo 3 we dominated everyone. All it takes is teamwork. So I need some new friends...I play EVERYTHING (except RPGS). I play Mario Kart, Madden, Halo, COD, etc etc I'd love to get a group together that can communicate and just play...whether we win or lose. And for the record I am pretty good in shooters. Add me and drop GTs so others can too.
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