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The General eBay Rant Thread

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Posted 05 May 2022 - 07:02 PM

Heres another one to add to the Blocked Buyers list- dusiluong0490 . He bought a used youth baseball helmet from me. He gets it and messages me "Thank You". The next day he says he said his son looked at it and mentioned the scuffs and marks on it, "I was very very upset u send me a piece of shit please send me my money Mack ". Turns out he has bad vision and cant even see scuffs on my 4k pictures! I tell him "It was sold as a used helmet and my 5 pictures show the same marks youre complaining about." His response- "U piece of shit a f…. Scammer u should put on description was damaged u r a scammer asshole." So I was like, "Nice Attitude. I have over 1000 positive feedback, I wouldnt waste my time scamming people. The item was advertised as USED and my pictures show the scuffs. Im not refunding for this.".  His last response before opening a claim was, "U piece of shit your photo was not clear go away u s…".............so naturally Ebay sides with him and he gets to return it! HOW IN THE Fuck AM I IN THE WRONG HERE?! ITS NOT MY PROBLEM HES BLIND IN ONE EYE AND HAS 40% VISION IN THE OTHER EYE! If your vision is that bad maybe you should ask for more pictures or have someone else look at the item before you buy it! #EbayLovesSuckingThatBuyerDick /rant