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Buggy Amazon Games Library. Cant view any of my few hundred keys

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 08:40 AM

Amazon had very good deals for Steam games and Steam Bundles this month and last month. So I bought quite a few bundles for myself and as gifts for my friends and family. Around 3 months of buying spree of bundled deals naturally led to hundred of steam keys in my account. I couldnt use many of the keys as most of the games were just leftover from many bundles and I didnt unlock the keys to these games.

One fine day a few weeks back when I went to my "Games Library Page" which by now was quite a huge page as amazon lists all the keys in 1 single page , I found out that I could not view any of my keys nor could I unlock any keys. I tried refreshing the page a couple of times but nothing worked. So I contacted support through email and then by phone and they told me nothing was wrong with my account. I sent screenshots and explained to them I could not view my keys. They said it was a technical problem and they will fix it soon. It's close to a month and I still cant view my keys. I am surprised that such a reputed and large company is unable to fix this minor technical problem . I have a few hundred dollars worth of games locked in my account now.

I am wondering if anyone else is facing this problem . Also a warning to people buying bundled deals that anytime you may lose all your game keys as your account gets filled with game keys.

Edit : Also had about 100+ Editor's Choice coupons but could not use them because the bug started first week of January 2013.

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#2 elessar123  

Posted 27 January 2013 - 08:56 AM

It's a glitch. Just wait it out.


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Posted 27 January 2013 - 09:00 AM

Same problem here. We can buy 1000s of games in Steam without any problem but a few hundred keys in your Amazon account will lead to problems in viewing the game keys.

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Posted 27 January 2013 - 12:13 PM

Just found this

I dont think this is going to be fixed soon. Its already 6 months that they have been "working" on the issue.