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Black wii nunchuck 8.99 Kmart Online Deal

#1 btwhitehouse   CAG in Training CAG in Training   25 Posts   Joined 5.1 Years Ago  


Posted 24 February 2013 - 04:47 PM


Kmart has the Wii Nunchuck in black for 8.99. Shipping adds like six dollars, but you can do store pickup. I picked one up yesterday, but it seems like you can only order one at a time this way. I sent the price to Amazon, and I'm really hoping they'll price match to avoid having to go back into K mart.

#2 The Furry Panda   Bravest Warrior CAGiversary!   1833 Posts   Joined 8.4 Years Ago  

The Furry Panda

Posted 24 February 2013 - 07:14 PM

Oos it seems. Need another nunchuck x.x

#3 zeldaking   I LOVE BOOBS! CAGiversary!   587 Posts   Joined 8.6 Years Ago  


Posted 24 February 2013 - 07:18 PM

now Temporarily Unavailable

#4 SmokeMaxX   CAG in Training CAGiversary!   286 Posts   Joined 5.2 Years Ago  

Posted 24 February 2013 - 07:52 PM

I picked one up for shipping earlier. Good deal and it matches my Deluxe WiiU. I had one for $10 earlier but called to get that order cancelled. No brainer for $9

#5 Psybuster   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   687 Posts   Joined 11.3 Years Ago  

Posted 24 February 2013 - 08:05 PM

Don't even see an option for store pickup, only shipping which of course says it's unavailable.

#6 soonersfan60   Longing for retro CAG... CAGiversary!   4294 Posts   Joined 12.4 Years Ago  


Posted 25 February 2013 - 04:36 PM

This shows up on the website for Kmart & Sears alot, but the only way I've been able to get one is find it by sheer luck in store.

#7 Marauder7   Casual Gamer CAGiversary!   1895 Posts   Joined 7.4 Years Ago  

Posted 25 February 2013 - 04:44 PM

Did they start discounting the Wii Motes in the old packaging?


#8 SaraAB   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   5432 Posts   Joined 14.4 Years Ago  

Posted 25 February 2013 - 05:48 PM

Can get one at Sears for 4.97 if you can find a sears that has one in stock

#9 Super Sonic   CAG in Training CAGiversary!   536 Posts   Joined 5.1 Years Ago  

Super Sonic

Posted 25 February 2013 - 05:55 PM

Good luck with that. Sears used to have tons of great deals on clearance games. They've been practically ransacked in recent times.

#10 shivan128   CAG at heart CAGiversary!   3751 Posts   Joined 10.8 Years Ago  

Posted 25 February 2013 - 07:30 PM

Good luck with that. Sears used to have tons of great deals on clearance games. They've been practically ransacked in recent times.

Speaking of Sears, I just picked up a white wii nunchuck for $1.25 on their clearance shelf.


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#11 Monoxide1986   Recovering Flipper CAGiversary!   1163 Posts   Joined 6.1 Years Ago  


Posted 25 February 2013 - 07:36 PM

Picked one up yesterday to go with my solo Black Wii-Mote. In store all they had were the Wii U branded ones that rung up at 19.99. I did a store-pickup with Go-fer (or whatever the hell the service is called) while I was standing in store. Walked back to lay-away to pick up my order and they brought me a Wii U branded one.. makes perfect sense....

#12 TsaebehT   far from god CAGiversary!   1699 Posts   Joined 13.5 Years Ago  

Posted 26 February 2013 - 04:56 PM

Thanks for the tip Monoxide, after a bit of googling and resetting my forgotten pasword, I was able to do an instore pickup and also use up what little balance of rewards I had left.


... just in time to now I just get this. [This item is in high demand and is now temporarily out of stock at the store you selected.] ... you can choose free shipping but I don't know how reliable it'll be seeing as they let me put 999 of them in my cart.

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