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Resident Evil Archives for $44.99 {Xbox 360} Free Shipping

#1 R3DNate   CAG in Training CAGiversary!   546 Posts   Joined 3.9 Years Ago  

Posted 24 February 2013 - 09:47 PM

I saw this the other day and nobody posted it so I am.
Resident Evil Archives for the Xbox 360 for $44.99 at Amazon. The PS3 version is sold out.
Product Features

Platform: Xbox 360 | Edition: Archives
  • Resident Evil 6: The newest chapter in the Resident Evil franchise brings three separate yet interwoven storylines together as they fight to survive the global C-virus outbreak.
  • Resident Evil Degeneration (DVD feature film) - The deadly G-Virus is unleashed and a new mutated monster goes on the rampage. Will Claire and Leon be able to terminate the virus before history repeats itself ?
  • Resident Evil 4 HD - The President's daughter has been kidnapped and Leon S. Kennedy is on assignment and back in action in Europe to track her down and investigate a mysterious cult coming to power.
  • Resident Evil CODE Veronica X HD - While searching for information on her missing brother, Claire Redfield is trapped on a top-secret Umbrella prison installation on Rockfort Island.
  • Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition - Working together with his partner Sheva Alomar, Chris Redfield is sent to Africa in response to reports of parasitic B.O.W.s (bio-organic weapons) terrorizing the area.
Link: http://www.amazon.co...t evil archives

#2 TaylorM06   #CAG4EVAR CAGiversary!   1352 Posts   Joined 6.9 Years Ago  


Posted 24 February 2013 - 09:58 PM

If I didn't have RE6 already, I'd be all over this. Just threw RE6 on Craiglist. Hopefully I can sell it tonight so I can turn around and buy this!!!

#3 Zolor23   Hey there. CAGiversary!   2967 Posts   Joined 4.9 Years Ago  

Posted 24 February 2013 - 10:03 PM

It was $40 before on their Video Game Gold Box, but still a good price.

#4 Fracas   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   361 Posts   Joined 7.6 Years Ago  

Posted 24 February 2013 - 10:11 PM

Is everything but RE6 a code?

#5 zyk  

Posted 24 February 2013 - 10:16 PM

Is everything but RE6 a code?

From the looks of an unboxing video, RE6 and the Movie DVD is on disc, everything else is on a code.

#6 buddy the puppy   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   173 Posts   Joined 13.1 Years Ago  

buddy the puppy

Posted 24 February 2013 - 11:15 PM

Yup all DLC except for 6. I paid full price at release and regret it.

#7 Masterkyo   CAGiversary! CAGiversary!   11126 Posts   Joined 12.8 Years Ago  

Posted 25 February 2013 - 02:23 AM

I hate DLC. I wants both 360/PS3 version but refuse to spent money on DLC.
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