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ENDS TONIGHT! The Fractured But Whole/Bayonetta 1/2 combo pack/TONS of collectables and figurines/Clothing/Blurays and more!

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 10:18 PM

Start: NOW

End: Saturday, December 16th, between 10-11 PM EST


1) Simply type in your max bid for the item(s) in this thread. No PMs. No Emails. Just reply in the forum reply section. This is to keep bids public. Obviously post edits and spoilers hiding bids are NOT acceptable. If you made a mistake in your submission, please post again.
2) I will update the first page to reflect your bids as often as possible. Feel free to check the latest bids on the last page(s) if you are unsure of the latest update time.
3) There is no minimum to win any item. You can win them for as little as you bid. So if you bid $1.00 and win it, it's yours for a $1.00 (plus shipping). If someone bids $5 and you outbid them for $10, you may win the item for your $10 bid and pay your bid plus shipping at the end of the sale.
4) The smallest bid increment is $1, no $.50 or $.01 bids!
5) Please note that you will be expected to pay the amount you bid plus appropriate shipping if you have the highest offer at the end. Negative feedback may be left for those who choose not to follow through with payment.
6) If you place a bid, you are committing to that item. DO NOT place a bid if you do not intend to keep that bid active. While I understand that sometimes unavoidable circumstances arise, if you are fearful that this may happen, please wait to bid on the last day so you know that nothing unexpected occurred!
7) All bids are welcome (excluding bids from CAGs banned from lowballs).


Shipping will be $4 for the first item and $1 for each additional item. This includes Delivery Confirmation (or whatever it's called now. If an items shipping will be different I will write it next to it down below. Insurance can be added for a cost) and everything will be shipped in a bubble mailer (or a box with padding on inside if too big for bubble mailer)

Codes will be PM'ed and therefore will have no shipping cost. I will be shipping from Area Code 13403 (Upstate NY). All payments must be made through Paypal or Amazon, in VERY RARE circumstances will I allow concealed cash.

International shipping is not available. Sorry!
South Park: The Fractured But Whole (Collector's Edition Steelbook and Game) $21-CheapSpeed

Uncharted 4 Journal (LootGaming Exclusive) (New/Unopened) $3-CheapSpeed
Commander Shepard Pop Funko $3-CheapSpeed
Sackboy Pop Funko $2-CheapSpeed

29 + 7 shipping =  $36


South Park: The Stick of Truth (Digital Code, Full Game)$6-Wchillinman
Mass Effect N7 Backpack (will ship in N7 Box$10-WChillinman

Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #39) Pop Funko (New/Unopened)  $4-Wchillinman
Vision (Avengers #57) (New/Unopened) $4-Wchillinman

Kratos Bronze Edition Statue (New/Unopened) (Actual Shipping)$2-Wchillinman

Hulk Beanie (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive) $4-Wchillinman
Assassin's Creed Flask $3-Wchillinman

Claptrap Bottle Opener (new/unopened)(LootGaming Exclusive) $3-Wchillinman

Set of 3 Marvel Collector Corps Comic Books $1-Wchillinman
8-Bit Mario Banana Ornament $1-Wchillinman

Kill Bill Vol. 1$1-Wchillinman
Kill Bill Vol. 2$1-Wchillinman

40 + shipping


Bayonetta 2 (WIth Bayonetta 1 full game disc) $16- DarthPwner
16 +4 = 20

Mass Effect Shot Glasses (Set of 2) $2-codesage
Thor Ragnarok Magnets (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive)$1-codesage
Shadow of War Mini-Weapon/Bottle Opener $1-codesage
Thor Ragnarok Playing Cards (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive)$1-codesage
Thor: Ragnarok Fidget Spinner (Marvel Collector Corps Exclusive)$1-codesage
6 + 6 shipping (Some of the items are too small to warrant a full dollar for shipping) = 12


Jabba the Hutt Mug (new/unopened)$1- Synobin
Star Lord Mug $3-Synobin
Doctor Strange Mug $3-Synobin
Pokemon Kanto Region Badges Pin Set $7- Synobin

Buddy Christ Figurine (New/Unopened)  $3- Synobin

PsychoNauts Goggles (New) (LootGaming Exclusive)$4-Synobin
Castiel Pop Funko $3-Synobin

Castiel Plushie with removable wings $1- Synobin

Overwatch Primal Rage Shirt (LootGaming Exclusive) $3-Synobin

Thor: The Dark World $1- Synobin
Robin Hood: Men in Tights $1- Synobin

30 + shipping



PokeBall Grinder (Never used, comes with black box) $1- diazt350
1 + 4 shipping=  $5

Big Daddy Patch $1- Slicrick
1 + 3 shipping = $4


Set of 15-20 Pins/Patches from LootGaming/Marvel Collector Corps (each box comes with a pin/patch, this is a collection of random ones)$11-Brash_Attack

11 + 4 shipping = $15

New, All Size XL:

Destiny Ensign Shirt (Lootgaming Exclusive)$1- TheFizzzzzz
The Incredible Hulk Pop Funko Shirt $1- TheFizzzzzz
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shirt $2- TheFizzzzzz
The Legend of Zelda Stained Glass Shirt $2- TheFizzzzzz
Breaking Bad "I am the Danger" shirt$1- TheFizzzzzz
Dr. Strange Pop Funko shirt (Marvel Collector Corps exclusive)$1- TheFizzzzzz
Deadpool Unicorn shirt$1- TheFizzzzzz
Avengers Age of Ultron Shirt (Marvel Collector Corps exclusive)$1- TheFizzzzzz
Star Wars Boba Fett Shirt$1- TheFizzzzzz

11 + shipping