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Bellator MMA Onslaught PS3 Demo

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Posted 16 March 2013 - 09:11 PM

(1A = Long read. 1B. = Summary.)

1A. If your an mma fan and a video gamer then you have an option of about 6 games for the latest consoles. That's no too bad, but how exactly does the latest mma game stack up to the others? Pretty bad ill say.

The fighters are so stiff in animation that you can interrupt or be interrupted in the middle of all your button mashing simply because there is no fluidity in this game. You can spam the hell out of your opponent and vise versa. On the ground when you transition positions it does not deplete your stamina, so any fighter can keep their opponent on thhe ground indefinetly if they wanted.

If that wasnt bad enough there is also a problem with timing delays and reaction time. Say your trying to initiate a combo; Okay, i want to throw 3 strikes in succession. So ill hit Square Triangle then Circle... Wait, what? Why is my fighter not doing anything? Thats because of timing delays. As for reaction time when you hit the fighter it varies, most time its right on the money, others there is none at atll. Your move is cancelled.

The announcer is so boring in this game by the time you go through your tenth or so fight you'll want to mute the fighter announcements. Oh yeah, which reminds me, there is no announcers speaking during combat. Just the crowd and the cheap sound of getting pummled.

Controls for this title are hard to digest. Down, Left, Up, and Right on your right joystick are all for transitions and tackles,, but once you try to take down an opponent the animation is so slow that anyone can avoid one with ease. Strikes are what you might expect from an mma game; Left punch - Square, Right punch - Triangle, Left kick - X, you get the drill. There is swaying in the game which makes it interesting and fun to avoid getting clobbered by a knock out punch which is a plus. Submissions in this game have got to be the worst ever (aside from UFC 3's). A mini screen pops up on the bottom of your screen telling you to mash the hell out of your four face buttons. And you better do it fast, very fast, because the ai shows no mercy here in making their submission bar fill faster than yours nearly every time. L2 is your block button which works when your opponents doesnt hit you with an attack that leaves you open for 3 whole seconds, or open for a tackle in some cases.

1B. So what is Bellator MMA onslaught?
It's an unrealistic, repetitive, clunky controlled game with an appetite for disaster. I would only buy this game if it were the last mma game on earth, but thats why we have UFC 2010 Undisputed and EA Sports MMA. I suggest to download the demo if you want an mma gaming fix but after a day or two you'll be deleting it.